Zenonia 5 : how make your character to be the best player (2023)


After playing the game a couple of times using all kinds of character builds. We have compiled this guide to help you start the game easily and fast.

How to Pick the Best Class

Based on our several plays of each class in the game. We present the following observations about the classes and their functions in the game.
The best PvP class is Pure CON Berserker coupled by pure CON Paladin.
The easiest class to complete the game in normal mode is hybrid 2 STR and 1 CON Paladin.
The best PvE class is Pure INT Wizard and Pure STR Paladin.
The weakest class is Mechanic, however when properly geared with full EVA items, they pick up in strength and be on par with other classes in PvE and PvP. However, the chance of winning and killing is still 50 / 50 as a strong fully geared mechanic.

How to Build Your Characters in Zenonia 5 Characters

Gamelytic has written 4 different character guides to help you determine the stats and skill builds. Use these guides to help you.
Zenonia 5 Berserker Guide
Zenonia 5 Paladin Guide
Zenonia 5 Mechanic Guide
Zenonia 5 Wizard Guide

How to Make Gold in Zenonia 5

Gold can be very important or close to useless depending on your class and build. In general, you will spend the majority of your gold to purchase potions and repairing gears. However, use the following game play strategies to help you on how to make more Zenonia 5 gold.

1. Save Often and Reset When You Die
The fastest way to lose your Gold in Zenonia 5 is when you lose both the weapon’s durability and gold when you die. To avoid losing gold and make more, just save as often as you can. When you die, simply go back to the main titles and avoid the penalty altogether. It should be noted that you do not lose anything against other bosses or PvP or Abyss battles.

2. Grind Lower Level Enemies
To earn more gold, you want to be able to kill enemies fast and efficiently. Consider to grind lower level enemies if you cannot advance higher. You want to move across the maps fast and efficiently to kill the mobs.

3. Use SP Absorb Titles and Gears to Lower Your SP Potion Cost
You can make more gold when you do not need to spend them on SP potions. Ifpossible,always keep your SP absorb gears and titles if you are able to get them early in the game. In general, SP absorb stats only appear in Unique or Legendary ranked Zenonia 5 gears.

4. Upgrade Gears to Tank Enemies and Avoid HP Potion Cost
If you are taking too much damage from enemies, you will find that your pocket will go down pretty fast as well. When this happens, upgrade and make your gears stronger. By taking less damage, you use less potions and die less frequently. Gears are essential to help you with more gold.

5. Execution and Movement
Learn the attack patterns and timing of your enemies. Your goal in the game is to learn them so well that you do not get hit at all. Getting hit wears down your armors and possible make you lose time when you die. Learn to execute your movement and attacks. Learn the animation time of different skills.

6. Purchase Bigger Inventory Spaces
It is essential for you to purchase additional bag spaces if you want to grind for ZEN easily. Because of all the equipment that you have, they can take up quite a bit of your inventory spaces. By having bigger bag, you do not have to travel to the town as often as possible. Higher level gears can sell for lots of gold. And a full bag can sometimes yield 50~60k or even more.

How to Get Fairy Stones Fast

Extracting fairy stones is important to help you get. To do this easily, you can start new characters because they can extract fairy stones fairly fast. The rune that you want to have at the end is 3 skill slot with Holy extreme offense. You can send and receive the various Fairy related items through banks. However, to get a high level skill stone, you still want to grind with your highest level characters.

Although the Fairy is like a companion that fights along side with you, but because she does not really join the battle but rather give you buffs here and there and boost your attack effects. Fairy in Zenonia 5 is more like an equipment than a pet. In this section we will go over how fairy works.

Sync Energy Extract
As your fairy levels up and fight alongside you, it will gain “communion” or “sync energy”. With this you can extract Fairy Runes or Fairy Stones.

Fairy Runes can have different stats but mainly either in Offense, Defense, or Normal. In general you want to get the Offense Runes for additional damage and debuff. Each of the element have the capability to slow or freeze enemies. Fire can deal additional burning damage. Runes can come with up to 3 stone slots to add skill stones.

Fairy Stones can also be obtained via the Sync energy extraction. The skills can include buffs that increase your various stats such as ATT, DEF, and more. Our personal favorite are the stones that decrease your SP uses.

Lastly, you should always extract the stones or runes as soon as they become available. And always put on new runes that you obtain. Although it does not show on the stats screen, but your fairy becomes stronger as they equip and update their runes at higher levels.

Farming and Grinding for Gears

At end game levels, the damage classes have better time to grind for gears and con builds are stronger in PvP. If you are really serious about the game, we recommend making two different builds to fully enjoy the game in the aspect of both Abyss crawling and PvP Fighting. Abyss Crawling can give you some of the best Legendary or Unique ranked gears. However, PvP fighting typically only give you up to Magic and Epic ranked gears. Your goal is to use both of these methods to farm the strongest set of equipment possible.
Before we get into the details about the various Zenonia 5 equipment, we will go over some basics with their types and slots.


Gear Slot Types
Your Zenonia 5 character hero has a couple different gear slots that will be used in the game. The gears have default stats and “magic” stats that are coupled with magic level or up gears. We will go over the different ranking of the gears shortly. Below is the list of gears and their “default” stats.

Weapon: Attack
2nd Weapon (Sheild): Defense
Head: Defense
Glove: Defense
Armor: Defense
Shoes: Defense
Neck: SP
Cloak: HP
Ring: Crit Rate
Amulet: Evade

Gear Ranking and Rarity
The gears come in different rankings and rarities that can boost their default powers. In general, higher ranked gears will have higher than normal stats than their counter parts. In addition, you can only refine gears that are magic or above.

Magic gears come with 1 additional stats boost.
Rare gears usually come with 2 stats boost.
Higher ranked gears also have additional upgrade stone slots.
Normal – White
Magic – Blue
Rare – Yellow
Epic – Purple
Unique – Orange
Legendary – Red

How to Get the Gears in Zenonia 5
There are a few ways at which you can obtain the various gears in the game.
1. Farming the Monsters.
2. Hunting the “Special” Mini boss mobs for better drops.
3. Combine them using Combine Scrolls and collecting the various materials.
4. Sometimes via Quest rewards
5. Purchase them using ZEN and via Random Equipment Box
6. Win and Complete PvP Fights for random equipment
7. Complete PvP daily events and earn Random equipment box
8. Run through Abyss Dungeons for a chance for good drops

It appears that any of these methods can yield gears of any types other than “combine”, because you are coming for the gear that you are making.

Refining your Zenonia 5 gears can improve the gears default stats. Each gears have certain level of stats refinement level. In general it is about 12~15. However, the higher level you go, the more likely that they can be completely destroyed. The destroyed gears require cash shop item Recovery Scroll which costs 100 ZEN. Therefore, you should only refine the strong gears only if you have duplicates as replacements. In addition, refine your strong gears before you do further upgrades in inserting upgrade stones or even evolve them.
Level 1: 200 Gold
Level 2: 800 Gold
Level 3: 1800 Gold
Level 4:

Insert Upgrade Stones into Slots
You can power up your gears further in the game by inserting upgrade stones. You can obtain upgrade stones of their respective level by “making” them via blacksmiths in the different stones. The gears can be fused into one to create the various stones.

The amount of stats added from the stones are based on the gears that are used to make them. However, you should note the following points about the Zenonia 5 upgrade stones.

1. The two gears fused must be the same ranking.
2. The level of stones created are based upon the gears.
3. Higher levelstonesyield more stats.
4. The stones can only be slotted into gears of higher level.

Because of this, the best or strong gears that you obtain in the game should have as many upgrade stones slots as possible to put in as many Zenonia upgrade stones.

Zenonia 5 Gear Evolution
The Zenonia 5 gear evolution is a cash shop feature that uses ZEN to power up your gears. We will layout the process for you to determine whether or not the gear evolution process is worth it for you.

Deciding your gears to evolve:
First of all, the evolved gears do not get additional upgrade stone slots and they can still be broken via the refine process. Therefore, you should first check for the refine level and stone slots before you start the evolving process. The gear evolution will boost gears further per level of evolution.

Evolve Your Gear:
You will first spend 25 ZEN to start the gear evolution process. At this stage you convert the gear into evolution gears. The evolution gears will have an additional stats boost. It will also show max evolution level, evolution effect, and evolution points needed to level up.

Evolve Up Your Gear:
You can put additional ZEN into gears to make them more powerful. You will earn evolution points which can “level up” the gear further. Each additional evolved level adds that much more stats to the gear.

Evolved Gear Example:
If your evolved gear has effect ATT+3%. Each level adds 3% to the default attack value. By evolve up you can make it evolution level 2. Then the effect becomes ATT+3%*2 = 6%.

Evolving Your Zenonia 5 Gear without ZEN:
It should be noted that the “special” mini boss enemies, can evolve your gears when you kill them. All of your “evolved” gears will receive evolution points when you farm and kill the mini bosses with the special orange magical circle under them. This is a cheaper way if you do not wish to spend real money to evolve up your gears.

Best Stats to Have On Your Gear
The best stats to aim for on your gear is mainly dependent on the type of classes and build that you are working towards. However, we will provide the following pointers.

(Video) Zenonia 5 Complete Guide

Stats boost are usually more important than HP and SP. Usually you want to keep up your damage output while still able to survive enemy hits. This means that aim for Dex, Crit Rate, and lastly ATT.

Complete Title Information

Most of the titles in the game will enhance your various titles, we have categorized these titles into the stats. You can check to see the best one to be used for your purpose.

Using the right title for your class is essential. In general, every class can benefit from titles that grant all the stats. However, if you are pure builds such as Pure Int Zenonia 5 Wizard or Full Dex Mechanics, the specific stats increase will help. However it should be noted that these builds may also benefit from Veteran Hero which gives 1k HP.

Attack and Defense + Titles are also great in boosting your abilities to fight by killing faster or taking less damage.

All Stats
Goat Slaughterer: All Stats +5
Kill 50 Baphomets
Frog Killer: All Stats +10

Kill 50 Venom Frogs
Winner: All Stats +10
11 Zenonia 5 PvP wins
Ent Slaughterer: All Stats +15

Kill 50 Dark Ents
Cerberus Killer: All Stats +20

Kill 50 Cerberi
Champion: All Stats +20
101 PvP wins

Battle Road: All Stats +30
1001 PvP wins

God of Winning: All Stats +50
5001 PvP wins

Bourgeois: All Stats +10%
Obtain at least 1,000,000 gold

Strong Challenger: Attack +10%
101 PvP losses
Mud Slayer: Attack +20%
Kill 100 Mud Titans

Loser: Defense +10%
11 PvP losses
Eye Destroyer: Defense +20%
Kill Big Eyes

Challenger: Max HP +100
Achieve level 5

Newb Hero: Max HP +300
Achieve level 10

Rookie Hero: Max HP +500
Achieve level 30

Veteran Hero: Max HP +1000
Achieve level 50

Super Hero: HP +10%
Achieve level 70

(Video) Zenonia 5 Berserker Guide

Warrior: HP +15%
Achieve level 90

Legendary Warrior: HP +20%
Achieve level 99

Mining Mania: Strength +10%
Acquire 1 magic pickaxe
Kumtra Killer: Strength +20%
Kill 50 Kumtras
Legendary Miner
Mine 100 Orichalcons

Rookie Miner: Constitution+5%
Mine20 Bronze

Top Class Miner: Constitution +10%
Mine 50 Mithril

Super Miner: Constitution +15%
Mine 50 Orichalcon

Fairy Lover: Intelligence +10%
Use 10 awakening stones or Extract skill stones (20 stone)

Fairy Mania: Intelligence +20%
Use 20 awakening stones or Extract skill stones (40 stone)

Smuggler: Dexterity +10%
Talk to the Dark Merchant (Agran Village) 20 times

Pro Smuggler: Dexterity +15%
Talk to the Dark Merchant (Agran Village) 30 times

Special Effect Titles

HP Absorb
Jackpot: HP Absorb +2%
Have exactly 7777 gold
Invincible Hero: HP Absorb +3%
Use 50 origin of life

SP Absorb
Cool User: SP Absorb +2%
Play for two hours
The Resurrected: SP Absorb +3%
Use 20 Origin of Lives

Unknown Titles

Apprentice Blacksmith: (?)
Refine at least 10 times

Skilled Blacksmith: (?)
Refine at least 50 times

Godly Blacksmith: (?)
Refine at least 100 times

Apprentice Combiner: (?)
Combine at least 5 times

Skilled Combiner: (?)
Combine at least 25 times

Alchemist: (?)
Combine at least 50 times

(Video) zenonia 5 - how to get a set

Clincher: (?)
Achieve 50 subquests

Rookie Scanner: (?)
Use 20 Scanning Scrolls

Apprentice Scanner: (?)
Use 100 Scanning Scrolls

Pro Scanner: (?)
Use 500 Scanning Scrolls

Zenonia Mania: (?)
Play for 20+ hours

Earth Traveller: (?)
Visit the abyss 50 times

Earth Surpasser: (?)
Visit the abyss 250 times

Monster Hunter: (?)*
Visit raid mode 50 times

Devil Monster Hunter: (?)*
Visit raid mode 250 times

Raid Mode Explained

You can enter the raid mode via your character status screen as if you would for the Zenonia 5 PvP and Abyss mode. After entering you will see a roster of mobs and bosses that you can fight. The mobs are listed by their levels, you will see some normal mobs and some bosses with the 50% chance.

You can then process to select a mob to proceed to the next screen. Note that this step will “NOT” deduct your ZEN yet. You will then be able to select “mercenaries” which are other players to fight along side you – at a cost of 50 additional ZEN. These mercenary players will “NOT” receive the ZEN if you hire them. The players are typically strong with at least avatars purchased. You can also check out the amount of ATT and DEF that they have.

These players will fight alongside you in battle. However, they are still controlled by AI which can be quite weak. They are more or less cannon fodders against the more serious bosses.

The Chance 50%! simply means that by challenging the Zenonia 5 boss, you will obtain 50% more EXP and evolution points per ZEN spent. You do not earn any additional gold or gears. However, it appears that boss fights are simply not worth the effort. Although you do make 50% more evolution points and experience points, the chances are that you will likely to mess up and lose your ZEN altogether.

If you win the raids

You will earn the amount of evolution points as stated on the roster screen and the experience points.

If you lose in raiding

You earn nothing, losing both your entrance fee and mercenary fee if you did purchase.

The Zenonia 5 raid mode is completely useless in boosting your characters. You do not earn any additional gears which is really what most players end up doing in Zenonia 5 end game. There is no point in earning additional experience points after you have reached the level cap. There is no point in getting the evolution points while you can farm the mini bosses for evolving Zenonia 5 gears.

(Video) Zenonia 5 Paladin Guide

In short, never waste your money on the raid mode. Unless, you have the money and simply want to max out your character as fast as possible. But if you are really that dedicated, it is simply better to farm the mobs for chances to farm stronger gears.

source : https://gamelytic.com
source pic : app.steparu.com


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