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Zeno Zoldyck Personality Type | Boo (1)

The Mastermind (INTJ)


Masterminds are strategic and intuitive thinkers and thorough planners. They exude a quiet confidence, intellectual insight, and knowledge. They are usually nonconformists who don't mind being different from the crowd, thinking for themselves and rejecting long-standing traditions or rules that make no logical sense. They might intimidate you at first; they may appear intense and aloof. They don't come across as needy, and even quite the opposite, fiercely independent.

👍 Strengths

quick minded












👎 Weaknesses



overly analytical

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loathe highly structured environments

clueless in romance

superiority complex

emotionally distant

😍 Attracted By













😡 Pet Peeves




overly emotional

passive aggressive

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🐥 Mating Call

Reserved and reflective, Masterminds are unlikely to flirt, put themselves out there, or "put on a show." Instead, they would rather be their authentic selves and believe that should be enough. They may find ways to spend more time around you, like going out to activities they usually wouldn't. Others, if more confident, would let you know directly that they like you as a means of not wasting time. But generally, it can take them a while to be sure about their feelings for you. Many Masterminds can often become more argumentative or critical when they like you. However, you may get the suspicion they disagree with you less than they do with others. You may also occasionally catch them looking at you when they think you're not paying attention.

😘 Flirting Tips


Expect to make the first move and do most of the pursuing, because they won't admit they like you until they know you like them back, and if you meet their criteria.

Help them to have fun and explore. This will help them to get out of their heads, and they'll love you for this.

Be real, authentic, and honest. This will allow them to trust you and open their normally closed heart to you.

Compliment them on their ideas and accomplishments.

Ask them about their thoughts and theories on topics. They'll enjoy sharing their thoughts on a topic that interests them.


Don't push them to socialize too much. They are introverts, and although they may not look like it, they are comfortable.

Don't pressure them to talk about their feelings early in the relationship. They will need time to warm up. Let them decide when they're ready.

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Don't be passive-aggressive or try to manipulate them. They appreciate direct communication and honesty.

Don't be late on dates. They appreciate someone dependable.

Don't be overemotional. Try to handle things logically and discuss your feelings calmly.

💍 Relationship Material

Show interest in intellectual pursuits. They want their partners to grow with them, challenge them, and even show them new ways of thinking about things.

Prove your loyalty to them to earn their trust. This is one of the most crucial things they are looking for; it will win their heart. They won't bother otherwise, and if you betray them, it's over.

Show that you're committed to them for the long-term and mean what you say.

Help out with practical daily needs. Daily chores and manual labor are especially mentally and emotionally exhausting to them, and they'll appreciate anyone who can help take these tasks off their hands.

⚽ Likely Interests









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detective movies




🎁 Love Languages

1. Quality Time

2. Acts of Service

3. Physical Touch

4. Words of Affirmation

5. Gifts

🧠 Love Philosophy

Masterminds value sincerity, open-mindedness, punctuality, and people who are respectful of their time and privacy. Masterminds can come off as aloof and independent at first, but once they open up, you'll find they enjoy deep and meaningful conversations about new ideas and possibilities. A Mastermind would consider the quiet little things like enjoying a good book together or perusing a library a pretty exciting date.On the other hand, you may also find them suddenly wanting to be adventurous at times. While they may normally be wrapped up in reading or other less adventurous activites while by themselves, they may get the urge to want to do something exciting every now and then, especially with a partner. It could be exploring nature, experiencing a new activity, or just going on an adventure. A Mastermind will appreciate you taking them along for the occasional excitement.Although they enjoy a social outing every now and then, Masterminds also need their personal space and time to recharge and pursue their own interests. They're often known as one of the most independent personality types and highly value the time they have to relax and be by themselves. Masterminds value mutual support, intellectual stimulation, and loyalty. They also need to know their partners are honest and loyal. Betrayal is a cardinal sin to Masterminds.Although Masterminds can be extremely loving and caring, they often have difficulty expressing this. Masterminds are the Mr. Darcy's of romance. It's crucial to respect their privacy and be patient with them opening up their feelings to you. They're highly independent and often don't feel comfortable admitting their feelings until they know their counterpart likes them in return. They'll also want to spend enough time with you to be sure that they can truly trust you. Sharing their feelings is not a natural thing for many of them to do, and they can feel awkward doing so, especially in a lovey-dovey way. Instead of vocally admitting their feelings, they see their actions and commitment as enough evidence and admittance of how they feel towards someone. Understand this is how they usually show their love, and that their independence doesn't mean they don't care.Like themselves, Masterminds appreciate people who are logical, honest, and direct. They can't stand people who are manipulative and play emotional mind games. They would rather avoid this emotional minefield and communicate directly and honestly with one another. They also value partners who enjoy deep, intellectual discussions, are devoted to personal development, and can open their minds to new ideas and possibilities. Masterminds are not the type to be interested in casual flings. Instead, they take their relationships seriously and proceed only after a great amount of thought.

🌹 Ideal Date

For Masterminds, the ideal date is one that combines exploration and intimacy. They want to feel like they're exploring something new with you, expanding their perspectives and understanding of the world while simultaneously getting to know you and engaging in deep and meaningful conversation. They want to spend time with someone sincere, intellectual, and having depth. Ideally, they'd want to do this in quiet and peaceful surroundings, whether it be out in nature, exploring a book store, taking a walk together in the park, and occasionally, something adventurous.

😱 Relationship Fear

Masterminds are notoriously picky and have high standards. They worry they'll fall for someone who they can't see a future with. They can also be pessimistic about whether a relationship will work out and prematurely end it. Masterminds worry these habits will keep them single forever, or worse, they'll lose interest in dating and give up hope of finding someone altogether.

🤞 Secret Desire

Masterminds are profoundly analytical and abstract thinkers and are frequently in their heads reading in between the lines of things. Because they are so future-oriented, they sometimes feel like they miss out on the present and the simple pleasures of life. Sometimes, they wish to escape their heads and enjoy life, go on adventures, and indulge in their impulses. When stressed, they may sometimes overdo this and become reckless, though they become better at managing this divide as they age.

🤝 Friendship Philosophy

INTJs are known for their independence and wit. They know what they want and who they want to be with. Masterminds would rather be right than popular; thus, they may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they have ways that win people over. Keeping their circle small yet genuine matters more than having plenty of superficial connections. At the end of the day, INTJs long for friends with whom they can discuss anything under the sun.

🧘 Personal Outlook

INTJs are skeptical and rational thinkers. They pore over the intentions of people they interact with to see whom to trust or not. Masterminds are aware of the limitations of human nature and the likelihood of failing at some point. Consequently, they use initial negative assumptions to safeguard against disappointments while remaining objective.

🤙 Hanging Out

For INTJs, library hopping or simple coffee dates can be great hangout ideas. You can learn more about them as they geek out over their favorite books or calmly sip their go-to caffeine. Although intellectual conversations excite them, Masterminds also love to be with friends with whom they can share peaceful and comfortable silence.

🗣 Communication Style

INTJs communicate in a direct and objective manner. They are less inclined to sentimentality and deep display of emotions. Despite being selective and reserved, Masterminds have a strong voice regarding matters that interest them.

🤷 Stereotype

People often mistake INTJs as distant and cold, given their guarded and selective personalities. While it is true that Masterminds struggle in showing vulnerability, in reality, they are real-life "tsundere" who soften for the few they genuinely care about.

🤫 Conflicts

INTJs see problems in the open. They understand that misunderstandings are unavoidable despite their unbothered and cold exterior. While they may have trouble dealing with feelings, Masterminds try to offer practical solutions to issues. They go out of their comfort zone to impart their morals, skills, or anything of value to ease the situation.


Who is Zeno Zoldyck wife? ›

Maha Zoldyck | Hunterpedia | Fandom.

Who is the weakest member of the Zoldyck family? ›

10/10 Milluki Zoldyck

Milluki is by far the weakest member of the Zoldyck family. Despite being the son of Silva and Kikyo, he has little to no training in advanced assassination skills. His strengths lie with technology. Even compared to kids such as Kalluto, he doesn't seem to be all that impressive.

Can Zeno beat Chrollo? ›

He possesses tremendous strength, even at his old age. Known to be a phenomenal assassin, Zeno Zoldyck is strong enough to defeat Chrollo Lucilfer, although whether he can defeat a 'serious' Chrollo is something that even he doubts.

What does it say on Zeno Zoldyck? ›

Zeno is an old man of medium height with grey-white hair that stands upon his head and has a Fu Manchu mustache. He also wears alternating signs on his garb that say either "A Kill A Day" (一日一殺) or "Never Retire" (生涯現役). Most of the time he is seen with his hands behind his back and his back hunched forward.


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