Who Does Tohru End Up With in Fruits Basket? Yuki or Kyo Relationship Explained (2023)

For a slice of life shōjo anime, Fruits Basket is less preoccupied with romance than other works in the genre. Still, the manga and its anime adaptation are primarily about human relationships – including romantic ones. Since the manga first began in the late 90s, fans have wondered who Tohru was going to end up with, Yuki or Kyo, particularly since the story is so subtle about it for so long.

A newcomer to the fandom who has watched the show's beginning only might think that Fruits Basket is about a love triangle. Certainly, Tohru shares moments with both Yuki and Kyo that could be interpreted as romantic. But if you read the manga in its entirety or watch the new anime, you will see that author Takaya Natsuki intended much more than that.


Warning: if you would rather find the answer of who Tohru ends up with for yourself, don't read any further as there will be major spoilers ahead.

In many ways, Yuki seems to be set up as Tohru's main love interest early on; he is a beautiful, gentle boy who shows her kindness when she's ill and homeless. The concept of the "Prince" of the school, having a romantic relationship with a clumsy main girl is a common wish-fulfillment scenario in high school romances. Perhaps Takaya Natsuki intended to play with these expectations.

Quite late in the show, it's revealed that Yuki is Tohru's first childhood crush – a fact not even she remembers. When she was little, she had been separated from her mother and lost. Yuki, who had run away from the main house and Akito's abuse had found a crying Tohru and helped her return home, giving her his hat before leaving.

Who Does Tohru End Up With in Fruits Basket? Yuki or Kyo Relationship Explained (2)

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While Tohru doesn't realize that Yuki is the boy who helped her, she still remembers the occasion fondly and cherishes the hat. Conversely, the hat used to belong to Kyo, but he stopped wanting it when Yuki touched it; at that point, the two boys hated one another, each believing the other was responsible for their misfortune. Already from childhood, the fates of the three characters were closely linked and the hat symbolizes that.

Unlike Yuki, Kyo initially seems to be more of a "bad boy" type and it takes a lot for Tohru to discover his hidden depths. The idea of a kind-hearted female character helping a troubled boy through her own emotional labor is, of course, another romance trope, about as frequent as that of an awkward girl ending up with a princely type. But the relationship between Tohru and Kyo, while looking like this on the surface, is actually healthier and more complex.


Many fans wanted Tohru to end up with Yuki, which is normal since he's a brilliant character with hidden depths of his own. However, Tohru eventually ends up with Kyo and they remain together until old age. This might be a surprise for some fans, but if you read or watch carefully, it actually makes a lot of sense. A reread or rewatch will even reveal that what many consider as a love triangle was barely there in the first place.

Yuki does save Tohru, first as a child and then as a teenager, in what seems like a princely gesture. He even seems to flirt with her, at a time when Kyo is still acting cold or annoyed around her. Even so, Yuki's romantic-coded gestures towards Tohru will often feel like textbook romance, rather than genuine attraction. Two-thirds into the story, we understand why.

As a child, Yuki was severely traumatized by Akito's physical and psychological abuse. Yuki's mother was happy to abandon her son, forcing him to be Akito's playmate and reaping the monetary benefits. As a result, Yuki never experienced motherly love.

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As Yuki reveals, helping Tohru was just an act of kindness at first, with no ulterior romantic motive. To him, she was just a strange classmate in need of support. When he got to know Tohru better, he immediately felt drawn to her and believed his feelings were romantic so he tried to flirt with her but it never quite felt right.

The fact that Yuki is actual not romantically attracted to Tohru becomes clear to him the moment Tohru's love for Kyo becomes apparent to us, that is the moment Kyo transforms into his true, monstrous form.

Following the horrific transformation, Tohru runs after Kyo despite any fear she might feel; he's that dear to her. As Yuki points out, when she runs after Kyo, Tohru acts differently, almost like an adult woman. She was never like that with Yuki.

The love triangle, if there ever was one, is resolved right there. Tohru and Kyo and ridiculously shy about their relationship and only officially get together at the end of the manga, but just seeing how protective Kyo is of her and how she cares about him, you can say that the two were the last ones to find out they're dating. The rest of us knew it all along.

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Yuki is never jealous of the dynamic between Tohru and Kyo. By then, he knows that his own relationship with her is completely different. Although Tohru is a girl his age, Yuki realizes that he almost thinks of her as a mother figure; she believed in him when his family disapproved of his choices and she was kind to him the way his parents never were.

Yuki was ashamed of these feelings and worried that revealing them would cause Tohru to feel greater responsibility towards him. To hide that, he occasionally acted flirty with her but it never felt right. When he antagonizes Kyo from there on, he doesn't do it because his cousin got the girl Yuki himself wanted. He only does it because he doesn't want Kyo to break Tohru's heart.

When Yuki ends up with Machi, a fellow student council member, this decision makes sense for him and feels quite original besides. Yuki deconstructs the "school prince" type perfectly; ending up with an ordinary girl who is totally unimpressed by the "prince" hype and just likes him for his messed up self is refreshing. This relationship can be juxtaposed with Tohru and Kyo, who also genuinely love each other but face more obstacles due to their emotional baggage and Kyo's position in the family.

That Tohru will end up with Kyo becomes obvious when she accepts his monstrous form. But their romance is much more than a "Beauty and the Beast" situation in which a female character saves a monstrous male with personal sacrifices. True, Kyo might seem cold and even violent at first, but he's never abusive towards Tohru. While he has anger management issues at first, his rage is never directed towards her.

Once you get to know his backstory, it's not hard to understand why he grew up angry; he has been reviled by Akito and the other zodiac members, people blame him for his mother's suicide and he's grown up with the knowledge that Akito plans to confine him in a solitary room forever when he comes of age. This is heavy baggage for such a young boy. Knowing all that, you also know why Tohru's acceptance means so much to him.

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The beautiful thing about Kyo's relationship with Tohru is that she doesn't actively try to change him into a better person. She just knows that he's a better person already - he only needs to learn how to show it. Seeing her trust in him, Kyo decides to manage his anger better and become friendlier without her explicitly trying to make him so.

Another beautiful thing is that you don't need to be told that Kyo and Tohru love each other. Takaya Natsuki has put so much work into their relationship that you can just tell how much they care about each other even if love is hardly ever mentioned. They might seem like polar opposites but in truth, they aren't that different: they both want to move beyond past trauma and forge a future together.

When Tohru resolves to break the Zodiac curse, she does it for all the Sohmas, but it's heavily implied that her selfish part does it because she can't stand the thought of growing into adulthood without Kyo. She doesn't want him to be confined because she cares about his own happiness, but she also wants him for herself even if she doesn't admit it. You can't help thinking that the mangaka paid attention to the characters' own desires, resulting in a romantic resolution that feels both natural and earned.


Both Yuki and Kyo are complex characters and, to be frank, great fictional boyfriends for different reasons. Whether or not we like Takaya Natsuki's decision to pair Tohru with Kyo and Yuki with Machi, we can't deny that both pairings feel genuine. Even if some romance tropes are still there, we can't help noticing that these are relationships between living, breathing characters who are suited for each other and want to grow together.

Meanwhile, for those interested in the anime, a Fruits Basket prelude movie is coming out soon, featuring a never-seen-before scene with Tohru and Kyo.

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Do Tohru and Yuki end up together? ›

Still friends, but really more than friends, spending a huge amount of time together but definitely not dating. Both of them in love with each other, but seemingly too unsure or too afraid to move forward. And no, it isn't any different in the manga, where Yuki and Tooru don't end up together either.

What is the relationship between Tohru and Yuki? ›

Yuki and Tooru are good friends who usually tease or make fun of one another. They both enjoy watching the uproar Hori and Miyamura cause. They also seem to hang out a lot since Miyamura and Hori started dating.

Who does Yuki end up with in Fruits Basket? ›

At some point, Yuki married Machi, having one son named Mutsuki Sohma between them. Mutsuki mentions that Yuki and Machi are very loving parents, and that they have a family tradition of waking up early whenever the snow would pile up, and then make trails of footprints in the snow.

Should Tohru be with Yuki or Kyo? ›

Yuki and Kyo both have an interest in Tohru, despite her clearly not realizing their feelings. Many scenes even have fans wishing Tohru would have gone with Yuki, while others like to side with Kyo. In the end, Kyo, of course, wins, and the two end up getting married.

Why did Yuki choose Machi over Tohru? ›

Machi challenges Yuki to be a better friend while Tohru accepted and comforted Yuki on a daily basis. Ultimately, Machi is the better romantic match for Yuki and that is why they end up together.

Who did Akito end up with? ›

In the end, when Akito's antagonism ceases, the curse is broken, and she begins dressing and living as a woman, Shigure Sohma, whom she is in love with, moves in with her. In Fruits Basket Another, she is married to Shigure and the mother of Shiki Sohma.

Who married Tohru? ›

Tohru Honda
ParentsKatsuya Honda (Father) † Kyoko Honda (Mother) †
SpouseKyo Sohma (Husband)
ChildrenHajime Sohma (Son) Unnamed Son Unnamed Daughter
23 more rows

In which episode does Kyo kiss Tohru? ›

Kyo and Tohru's Confession-Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 11 SPOILER!

What is Kyo's true form? ›

An irregular member of the Zodiac, not only is Kyo discriminated against, disrespected, and has a future of confinement, he also has a true form which is a grotesque and foul-smelling monster— which he turns into when his Juzu bead bracelet is removed.

Why did Tohru choose Kyo? ›

Tohru later admits that the reason she was so desperately chasing after Kyo was because she already loved him very much.

Who falls in love in fruit basket? ›

Tohru Honda

In the last chapter, he and Tohru move out of Shigure's house and prepare to go to another city, where he will study at another dojo in preparation for inheriting Kazuma's. In Fruits Basket Another, it's revealed that they have son (Hajime Sohma), two unnamed younger son and daughter.

Who does Momiji end up with? ›

Fruits Basket Another

At some point, Momiji married a woman and had one daughter with her, named Mina Sohma. It is revealed by his daughter that Momiji has inherited his father's business and is now a very busy businessman who is always traveling.

Why is Kyo jealous of Yuki? ›

Yuki and Kyo. Originally, Yuki did not hate Kyo and actually wanted to be friends with him. But Kyo refused, as he hated Yuki simply for being the Rat. Because of this, both of them are seen sharing a mutual hatred towards one another at the beginning of the story.

Does Kyo reject Tohru? ›

However, Kyo, guilt-ridden by Kyoko's death, rejects her by saying that it made him disillusioned. However, Kyo breaks down when Tohru later falls off a cliff, whereupon he regretfully apologizes for everything, admits his feelings to her, and kisses her, although she is not coherent enough to understand.

Who does Tohru fall in love with? ›

My reasoning for this is that volume 12 begins the shift in the story where Tohru is trying to break the curse and we later learn that her main motivation for breaking the curse is that she doesn't want to lose Kyo - because she's fallen in love with him.

What episode does Yuki confess to Tohru? ›

Fruits Basket the Final: Episode 8 – Kyo Confesses.

Who kisses Tohru? ›

AHHHHH KYO AND TOHRU KISS AND ARE FINALLY TOGETHER AHH KOHRU | Fruits basket kyo, Fruits basket cosplay, Fruits basket.

Who has the saddest past in fruit basket? ›

Fruits Basket's Kyo has a sad life, as one of the most-hated in the zodiac... and these are all the reasons fans feel for him. Kyo Sohma is one of the three main protagonists in Fruits Basket and is beloved by fans for his passionate personality and protective instincts.

Did Akito physically abuse Yuki? ›

Yuki, out of all the Sohmas, suffered the most from Akito's abuse, mostly throughout his childhood. She used to lock him in a dark room all day long (manga) and beat him with a whip (only in the 2001 anime) and would not stop no matter how much Yuki pleaded.

What Zodiac is Akito in Fruits Basket? ›

16/16 Character Chart
NameAgeBirth Zodiac* / Cursed Zodiac
Momiji Sohma15Rat / Rabbit
Hatsuharu Sohma15Boar / Ox
Akito Sohma~20**Horse / God
Kisa Sohma12Tiger / Tiger
11 more rows
17 Mar 2022

Do Shigure and Akito end up together? ›

After hurting each other out of fear and jealousy for years, Shigure and Akito finally confess their feelings and commit to a new life together.

How many kids did Kyo and Tohru have? ›

In the sequel series Fruits Basket another, Tohru and Kyo are married with three children, their oldest son Hajime acting as the male protagonist.

What episode does Tohru realize she's in love with Kyo? ›

The point when she does truly realizes her feelings fully and isn't oblivious anymore is, IMO, when she confesses to Rin that he is the most important person to her. That point on, there's no more doubts in her mind that she loves him. This is from chapter 114.

What is the relationship between Akito and Yuki? ›

10/10 His Parents Sold Him To Akito

In Season 2, fans learned that Yuki's parents forced him to go live with Akito. Not only did his parents abandon him to Akito's sadistic whims, but it is also revealed that his parents sold him to Akito in order to raise their own wealth and status within the family.

What chapter does Kyo confess to Tohru? ›

Chapter 119 | Fruits Basket Wiki | Fandom.

Do they kiss in Fruits Basket? ›

They got two cheek kisses in the series. The first one while she was still small was super sweet and innocent and then the second one is...the total opposite of innocent lol. Shigure and Akito is my number one guilty pleasure couple in Furuba.

What episode does Tohru break the curse? ›

In chapter 130 of the manga, and episode 11 of the anime, titled 'Goodbye," God and the zodiac disappear.

How does Kyo break his curse? ›

But Tohru takes off in a dash once she see Kyo because she feels as if she has been rejected, but Kyo chases after her. After catching up with her, Kyo confesses his feelings for her. This acceptance of the cat, the first friend of the god of the zodiac, breaks the zodiac curse and all the Sohmas are freed.

Why is it called Fruits Basket? ›

Fruits Basket gets its name from an anecdote Tohru shares about her childhood, about a classroom game where students gave each other fruit names, then called out fruits in turn to assemble a metaphorical fruits basket. (Think “The Farmer in the Dell,” but with preassigned fruits.)

What does Kyo suffer from? ›

He has a deep centered hatred of Yuki and believes the rat is the reason for his misfortune. Even compared to the other Zodiac members, Kyo has easily had the worst upbringing and suffered tons of abuse at the hands of others.

Who is the best couple in Fruits Basket? ›

A fan-favorite match, Rin and Haru are one of the most popular couples in Fruits Basket.

Does Yuki and Machi have a child? ›

Mutsuki Sohma (草摩 睦生, Sōma Mutsuki) is one of the deuteragonists of the Fruits Basket Another series. He is the son and only child of Machi and Yuki Sohma.

Does Momiji kiss Tohru? ›

Tohru Honda

Momiji takes to Tohru very quickly, including kissing her when they first meet and hugging her when they are formally introduced despite his curse.

Who does Saki Hanajima marry? ›

As revealed by her younger brother Megumi, Saki is married to a foreign man and has a son called Rio Mosca. Megumi says Saki's husband had come to visit her by plane, but it did take some time before they got together. It is also mentioned by Hajime Sohma that she and Tohru are still as close as ever.

How old is Yuki Sohma? ›

He is about 16-18 years old. He is the final of the cursed Sohmas to have his curse broken.

Does Fruits Basket have a sad ending? ›

The ending of Fruits Basket is a heartwarming happily-ever-after: everyone's doing better after the curse has broken, most of the Sohmas find romantic partners and Tohru and Kyo grow old and have grandchildren together.

Does Kyo get locked up by Akito? ›

Akito later destroys the Cat's Room, and thus, Kyo is never trapped in it. This comes at a surprise to him.

What is Kyo hiding from Tohru? ›

The one person she feels totally at ease telling her memories to is Kyo, who is keeping his own secret about his mother: while he tells Tohru his mom died in an "accident," he omits that this "accident" was a suicide.

Do Akito and shigure have children? ›

Shiki Sohma (草摩 志岐, Sōma Shiki) is one of the recurring characters of the Fruits Basket Another series, and the main protagonist of its one-shot. He is the son and only child of Akito and Shigure Sohma.

What episode does Kyo hug Tohru through the sheet? ›

It Was So Foolish | Fruits Basket Wiki | Fandom.

Are Yuki and Tohru best friends? ›

Yuki Sohma, the rat spirit bearer, was one of the first Sohmas to ever meet Tohru, and he has been Tohru's ally and advocate ever since.

Who does Yuki end up with in Vampire Knight? ›

After the war and a thousand years later, it was seen that Zero and Yuki ended up together. They raised two daughters, the oldest one being Kaname's daughter.

Who married Tohru Honda? ›

In Fruits Basket Another, she is married to Kyo, and has become the mother of three children, with her oldest son, Hajime Sohma, acting as one of the main characters of the series.

Who is Tohru's boyfriend? ›

Kyo Sohma is the deuteragonist of the anime and manga series Fruits Basket. He is the main love interest of Tohru Honda.

Does Yuki get pregnant? ›

After she nearly attacks Yori due to blood-lust, she finds afterwards that she is pregnant with Kaname's daughter and resolves to live, for him and their child. Kaname and Yuki's love for each other remains unchanged through out Vampire Knight Memories. Kaname often express his desires to see Yuki again.

What happens to Yuki in the end? ›

Yukiteru remembers Yuno, escaping his prison aided by the second world's Muru Muru, and stops Yuno. Though Yukiteru asks Yuno to kill him so she can live, she instead eliminates herself and dies in his arms.

Does Yuki and Zero have a child? ›

Anime. Yuki Kuran and Zero Kiryu are one of the main romantic couples in the Vampire Knight series. They have a daughter named Ren Kiryu.

Who is the villain in Fruits Basket? ›

Akito Sohma (in Japanese: 草摩 慊人, Sōma Akito) is the main antagonist in the manga and anime series Fruits Basket. Akito is the head of the Sohma family and is shrouded in mystery. She is feared and respected by many members of the Sohma clan.

Which episode does Tohru break the curse? ›

"Goodbye" finally reveals the origin of the zodiac curse, and how the curse is broken once and for all. When Kyo gets the chance to speak with Tohru, he apologizes for rejecting her earlier and finally confesses that he loves her back.


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