Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools. (2023)

Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools.

On a getaway to the United States, exploring Washington DC sounds more fantastic and a great savior during spring by having a sky-high swim, over the luminous city skyline, from a bird’s eye view.

However, the scarcity of nice rooftop pools in Washington DC is such a turn-off to such a modernized pleasure. Most are sited at luxurious hotels with an exclusive and relaxed atmosphere with some offering a party cool feeling.

Here are the urban oasis perched on luxurious and modernized hotels with lounging sessions and a lovely rooftop in Washington DC suitable for both genders and of all ages.

10 Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools.

  1. Yotel Washington DC.
Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools. (1)

Location: 415 New Jersey Avenue Northwest, Northwest, Washington DC 20001.

Availability: Cabanas rentals, Guests at the Hotel.

Parking: Paid parking.

Check-in: 4:00pm

Check out: 12:00pm

Yotel Washington DC; Right in the heart of Capitol Hill. Seasonal rooftop pool that offers a cocktail bar and restaurant.

The largest rooftop pool opens to the sky in Washington DC, making it unique to pay a visit to a mother with her kids. Nice size with crystal clear water, not over chlorinated and of accurate temperatures that brings a cool down effect

Open from late May to early September, where the majority spend their summer precious time making history of their explore world.

The rooftop terrace is much more relaxing with a drink serving bar and classic sand witches. With simple, honest food from farming of the locality. Featuring also an outdoor patio.

It is modern and stylish in setting making it the only open-air rooftop bar in Capitol Hill. Want to get extra luxurious? Worry not, Yotel Washington DC offers private Cabanas.

2. Viceroy Washington DC.

Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools. (2)

Location: 1430 Rhode Island Avenue North West, Northwest, Washington DC 20005

Availability: Pools available to guests only.

Parking: Available

Check in: 3:00pm

Check out: 12:00pm

Incredible view on the rooftop pool with a sitting set all-round the pool.

For a lounging session, a chick penthouse deck is alongside the pool.

(Video) Top 5 Hotels With Pool In Washington DC (Hotel With Jacuzzi In Room) | Advotis4u

Explore become more fantastic with a cocktail from Hush rooftop bar, open to the public of ages 21 and above.

An event worthy it is, your gathering will flourish from brainstorm sessions to stylish services and a customized menu for everyone. Enjoying a cocktail in a party-friendly atmosphere is suitable for someone who wants to hang out with friends and a memorable, fantastic, stylish wedding.

For private events renting, Viceroy Washington DC got the best quality rooftop pools to offer.

Eco-friendly and modern Boutique Hotel in Downtown DC it is.

Visit, https://www.viceroyhotelsandresorts.com/washington-dc?sd_xdinfo=SDHOSPITALITY%7CNEXTGUEST%7CVICEROY%20HOTEL%20GROUP%7Cdfb112aa-41d6-4c06-9972-b60e7f729d3a%7Cdcf4dc64-dfce-41dc-8f18-d668293a7796%7C1618997570130%7C%7Csdhospitality%7CT3%7Cfalsefor booking.

3. Pent House Pool and Lounge.

Location; U STREET- 1612 U Street North West, Washington DC 2000

THE YARDS- 1212 Street South East, Washington DC 20003

Availability; Members/Cabana rentals.

Parking: Not available

Check in: 10:00am

Check out: 7:00pm

Fitness center, available only for members, with a rooftop pool having a chic and a stylish setting adjunct with private cabanas, accessible on a fee of USD 250 and comes with an HDTV.

Eateries alongside the pool offer fresh berries, full food, and fruits refreshing drinks with poolside sun fun in plenty.

Being a member you will enjoy special events all seasons, year-round membership, and access to both pool clubs.

Modernized lounge chairs and umbrellas alongside the pool, providing appropriate shade against strong sunlight rays.

Appropriate swimmer dress code is required always and smoking prohibited hence a suitable area for nonsmokers

Glass bottles and ice buckets are permitted within less than two feet of the pool.

What a glass of Vino, what is better than poolside wine down? Relaxation of the mind it is.

Operational from May to September, weather dependent with 21 years strict age limit checked by presenting a valid government-issued Identity card.

Guests will find it difficult to get permitted without members present, while non-members cannot purchase guest passes. Once permitted they should keep their wristband always to gain entry at both check-in stations.

4. The Ven at Embassy Row, Washington DC

Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools. (4)

Location; 2015 Massachusetts Avenue North West, North West, Washington DC 20036

Availability; Day pass non-guests/ free for quests at the hotel


Parking: Available, valet parking fee; 48USD daily

Check-in: 3:00pm

Check out: 12:00pm

Modernized equipped with stylish and colorful lovely views over the DC rooftop

Managed by Crescent Hotels and Resorts it’s a tribute Portfolio Hotel.

Amazing 9th-floor rooftop heated and saltwater pool with shaded lounge area hence a perfect view over DC skyline

Arts, culture, and cuisine is all that are known in the area the hotel is located, though comfortable it is a sophisticated environment.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 pm, enjoying pool-side barbeque is a norm and offers weekly pool parties. Saturday and Sunday morning Yoga makes it more fantastic.

The Ven at Embassy Row is a stylish, comfortable downtown hotel that has taken its neighborhood ambassadorial heritage sense where meeting connections, meeting up, relationship forging, and above all a sky-high swim at the rooftop pool

Swim, socialize and sip cocktails at the lofty hangout, which has been named to be one of the most amazing rooftop pool worldwide by weather.com

The hotel is a stone's throw distance from the line metro station. Socialize in iconic city view surrounding and enjoy thoughtful and exploration experience.

5. Hotel Zena.

Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools. (5)

Location; 1155 14th street North West, North West, Washington DC 20005

Availability; only guests at the hotel

Parking: Available, Valet

Check-in: 3:00pm

Check out: 12:00pm

Hendy’s rooftop lies on the 15th floor of Hotel Zena serving vibrant cocktails and bites

Relatively small, popular, and classic but extremely comfortable cool view over the city with stylish lounge. Used to be known as the Donovan Hotel.

Due to its size, it is suitable for a family who wants to book the hotel purposely in need of a rooftop pool. No reservation costs and great rates, advantageous to people looking for a pocket-friendly luxurious hotel with modernized features and a rooftop pool

A free wine hour there is, raise a glass to cheers for those who thrive on inclusivity in a place of infinite beauty artwork.

Sip and savor poolside with an iconic skyline view.

6. Intercontinental Washington DC –The Wharf

Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools. (6)

Location; 801 Wharf St South West, Washington, DC 20024, United States


Availability; open to public

Parking: available, valet

Check-in: 4:00pm

Check out: 11:00am

Along with the equally hot, The Wharf District with dual rooftop pool setting that brings fantastic views over the eye charming Potomac River.

Open during the summer season where during the day poolside longing under the sun makes a beach like fun effect and bites at nights

A couple of miles away from the white house

The rooftop pool has a bar adjacent where you can grab a cocktail and drain to memories on the open lounge seats.

Due to scarcity of rooftop pools in Washington DC, neighboring states; Maryland and Virginia

Are a safe pair of option for quality and modernized rooftops pools

7. Four Seasons Baltimore

Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools. (7)

Location: 200 International Drive, Harbor East, Baltimore MD 21202 United States of America.

Availability: pool available to people of all ages

Parking: Available, Private

Check-in: 3:00pm

Check out: 12:00pm

Free rooftop pool swimming to people of all ages hence suitable for children and fun for the whole family at large

Shaded chair with lounge umbrella for post-swim grabbing your favorite cocktail on a terrace soaking in the bright rays of the sun

Sipping your favorite wine readily delivered to your chaise on the seasonal rooftop infinity pool

The pools terrace is a beauty scheme, viewing the luminous Baltimore city on the beautiful land of Maryland

Private cabana available for gathering with friends for a drinking party

8. Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools. (8)

Location: 3001 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, United States

Availability: guests

(Video) I think I found the best Rooftop Pool in the city 💕 DC rooftop pool

Parking: available

Check-in: 4:00pm

Check out: 11:00am

Hotel’s most attractive feature, gorgeous rooftop infinity pool, relatively smaller in size.

Guests comfortably swim to the edges for a skyline view of the ocean.

Due to it relatively smaller in size, there are fewer lounge chairs for guests who do not want to have a sunbath on the beach?

A bar adjacent to the pool, where you can grab a refreshing cocktail also DJ night’s takes place here

9. Radisson Hotel Baltimore Downtown-inner Harbor

Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools. (9)

Location: 101 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, United States.

Availability: available to guests

Parking: available

Check in: 3:00pm-11:30pm

Check out: 12:00am-12:00pm

Amazing skyline view soaking up the sun with family, friends, or colleagues at the rooftop pool for drinks at the adjacent bar and grill located on the site

Modernized open lounge chair best for hangout with friends.

Moderate clear water in the pool with lee chlorine and moderate temperatures best for scenes treatment and stress control

10. Acac short pump

Washington DC Hotels with Rooftop Pools. (10)

Location: 2201 Old Brick Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060, United States

Availability: available to guests

Parking: available

Check-in: 3:00pm

Check out: 12:00am

General pool hours follow regular club hours

An exemplary oasis for adults ready to enjoy lounging at the rooftop alongside poolside and bar. Waterfall feature with heated wading pool giving moderate temperatures for amazing swimming. Oversized hot tub opened all year along therefore good for the accommodation of kids.

(Video) STAYCATION WASHINGTON DC | STAY: Intercontinetal @ The Wharf | Eat: Sequoia #brunch

Abundant lounge chairs alongside the pool for tired decking.

Swim with a luxurious view. Swimming in a pool refreshes the body, but having a sky swim with a luxurious bird’s eye view brings modernized refreshments. Washington DC is the eye-catching destination for rooftop pools. Enjoy your summers in a sky view style.


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