Walkthrough: Mystic Messenger (2023)

This is the walkthrough for Mystic Messenger by Cheritz, english otome game for iOS. None of the characters have a completed route yet, and Zen's route is currently in progress. This walkthrough update will be a bit slow and I want to make it as simple as possible.

Icons used in this walkthrough (use it to track important and skippable chats):
Heart gain for character of the current route.
Received photo related to character of the current route.
Reply for message received from character of the current route.
Either we can call or receive call from character of the current route.
Invited new party guest.
Reply for email received from party guest.

Romanceable characters

Yoosung Zen Jaehee 707 Jumin Others


Coming Soon

Yoosung Zen Jaehee 707 Jumin Others


Zen Happy Ending


1st day 00:03 Prologue1
[1] ?
[2] Who are you?
[3] An address?
[4] How can I help you?
[5] Fine... I'm leaving right away if it feels sketchy.
[6] (Go to the sent address.)
[7] Yes.
[8] (Input the password.)
[9] The door's open.
[10] I guess I will.

1st day 00:03 Prologue2
[1] Hello...
[2] Reveal yourself first. I'm the most confused one here...
[3] I am flustered too. I was connected to a stranger through a messenger app and he sent me the address.
[4] To username was 'Unknown'. And the record was deleted.
[5] Ya. I know nothing
[6] just got it @ app store...
[7] Who's V?
[8] Where did you get that info!?
[9] What's classified information?
[10] I just come here to find the owner of the phone... What is going on...
[11] I'm not really interested.
[12] Oh... Alright. I'll listen for now.
[13] A party?
[14] I thought this is a messenger app?
[15] What do I get if I join?
[ ] Let's talk about some personal stuff.

(Video) WHAT IS IN MYSTIC MESSENGER? -- A complete beginner guide to hell

1st day 00:03 Welcome1
[1] I'm just an average person.
[2] So what.
[3] Haha I'm joking.
[4] I'm not really the cute type..
[5] Have fun~
[ ] Outgoing call available

1st day 02:21 Welcome2
[1] Jaehee, why are you awake?
[2] You're so diligent.
[3] I am quite the diligent one.
[4] Thank you for your advice.

1st day 04:35 Zen's complaint
[1] In this dark endless night, art the water drops on the window my solitude, or thy teardrops...
[2] My heart's beating fast too.
[3] Whuut... Perv...
[4] You can go out with me.
[ ] I think so too. I want us to get closer!

1st day 07:00 Yoosung's complaint
[1] You've never had a girlfriend;;;?
[2] Hahahaha Tsk tsk
[3] Gimme food too.

1st day 08:00 Jumin's lonely morning
[1] Hello.
[2] What were you doing, Zen?
[3] Now that the sun has risen, my body and mind ache in loneliness.
[4] Jumin's kinda scary ;;
[5] It's better to treat people like actual human beings than to be so strict.
[6] Can we change the subject?
[7] Good bye, lovely Zen ^^
[ ] Outgoing call available

1st day 10:04 Seven loves cats
[1] Hello, 707.
[2] The cat's pretty… haha
[3] Ya. I'll have to be careful.
[4] He must be really skilled.
[5] Have you been here?
[6] Bye, my bae character~
[7] I'll see.
[8] Good bye.

1st day 11:58 Seven's Investigation
[1] What are you researching?
[2] Did you find anything?
[3] Can't you just tell me?
[4] Why is Rika so important to everyone?
[5] Good bye, Yoosung.

1st day 12:50 Jaehee's expectation
[1] Jaehee, please tell me about Rika.
[2] Can't someone else do it?
[3] Jaehee. Are you always so formal?
[4] Is the party that grand?
[5] Do you hope V to come back?
[6] Good bye.

1st day 13:48 Jumin's curiosity
[1] How do you do, Mr. Han?
[2] Why?
[3] Is the job hard?
[4] So all I have to do it be good at randomly picking?
[5] Good bye.

1st day 15:00 Zen reminisces about the old party
[1] Zen, Hi~
[2] Are you okay?
[3] The party was that big?
[4] Work?
[5] I'm hungry...
[ ] I'm your edvil! :) I have to heal you~

1st day 16:50 Who hates to work?
[1] Hello, 707.
[2] Lack of caffeine.
[3] Any possibility that 'Unknown' is Rika?
[4] She's beautiful.
[5] Cross dressing?!
[6] I can protect myself.
[7] Goodbye, 707.

1st day 18:02 Yoosung's hope for the new party
[1] Hello, Yoosung.
[2] What do you want to know?
[3] Party?
[4] Don't look forward to it too much.
[5] I'll do what I can.
[6] Don't get too into playing games.

1st day 18:58 Concerns of two men
[1] Zen, you're on.
[2] Why?
[3] Why do I have to prove my worth to anyone?
[4] I first intend to try my best.
[5] I'm not sure yet... I’ll just do it for now I guess.
[6] Go ahead Zen.

1st day 19:40 Discussion about the party
[1] Did everyone eat?
[2] Not yet...
[3] Did something happen?
[4] Why would Jaehee be against it.
[5] Ouch...
[6] Don't expect too much.
[7] What's going on with you two?
[8] Bye, Mr. Han.
[9] Nope.

1st day 21:50 Zen's expectation
[1] Zen, you're not sleeping yet?
[2] I tend to.
[3] I'm excited for all the things to come.
[4] That's good haha
[5] Is V that important?
[6] Why doesn't V come here often?
[7] I'll go to bed soon.
[ ] Incoming call
[ ] Outgoing call available

1st day 22:30 Excited Yoosung
[1] Whachu doin?
[2] Why don't you try exercising for a bit and then go to sleep?
[3] Awww yeah~ Eye candy lol
[4] Am I similar with Rika?
[5] I'll do what I can.
[6] We'll see.
[7] Only joking ^^ Alright.
[8] Good bye.

(Video) (Walkthrough) - Mystic Messenger Saeran/Ray Route Day 8 - Key to Good End

1st day 23:15 Jaehee’s Favor
[1] I'm sleepy...
[2] Just cuz...
[3] I'll think about it.
[4] I'm curious of Zen.
[5] ^^
[6] Good night!
[ ] Outgoing call available



2nd day 00:38 Jaehee's announcement
[1] Hello~
[2] Is something up?
[3] I guess you don't really like cats?
[4] Ask him to pay you extra.
[5] Everyone's been nice so I'm not worried.
[6] Cheer up~!

2nd day 03:03 Zen received fan letters
[1] Zen, whassup
[2] What were you doing?
[3] You must feel good.
[4] Does your popularity have anything to do with you getting a girlfriend?
[5] That might be best for both people.
[6] That just sounds like you want a girlfriend.
[7] It won't disappear.
[8] Good luck~
[ ] Do you think we'll have a deeper relationship?

2nd day 07:00 Yoosung's omlette rice
[1] Good morning, Yoosung.
[2] Not yet.
[3] lololololol Cooking's not your thing.
[4] Nope.
[5] Why?
[6] hahaha
[7] Bye~

2nd day 08:05 Fight over cats
[1] Jaehee, how is the cat?
[2] A bit douchey;;
[3] I was only being honest
[4] When do you think we'll hold the party?
[5] Did V get depressed?
[6] It's not about money. You have to respect Jaehee's private life too.
[7] I see that being an assistant is very hard...
[8] Jaehee, I'm glad it's almost over for you haha.
[ ] Outgoing call available

2nd day 11:45 Yoosung's thoughts
[1] Gah... I'm hungry.
[2] Haha yeah.
[3] Do you miss him? lol
[4] Did you have lunch?
[5] Good bye.

2nd day 12:43 Zen hates cats
[1] It's the notorious 707!
[2] lolol you’re quite full of yourself.
[3] Zen, hello.
[4] You don't like cats?
[5] I think that's abuse...
[6] What are you talking about?
[7] Good bye.
[8] What do you think he meant?
[9] Not yet
[10] Alright. Thank you for your concern.
[ ] How about this cat? Meow!

2nd day 15:00 Concerns from V and Zen
[1] Hello, V.
[2] I'm trying.
[3] Hello, Zen~!
[4] Yes.
[5] Someone must know that I've joined RFA.
[6] Thank you for caring.
[7] Don't think that way. I'm fine.
[8] I think it will be fun. I hope we get to hold the party again.
[9] Rui?
[10] I will. Thank you.
[11] I was thankful that he worried for me.
[12] I hope he cheers up soon.
[13] See you later, Zen.
[ ] Incoming call
[ ] @rui It’s a extravagant and elegant party.

2nd day 17:23 Yoosung's doubt
[1] Oh, it's Seven.
[2] Awesome possum
[3] Yes. But he left soon.
[4] That doesn't sound too good;
[5] Nice to see you, Yoosung.
[6] We'll find out soon, I guess.
[7] Hey
[8] Jaehee has a life of her own;
[9] What subject do you like?
[10] Did V do something wrong?
[11] I heard that if people get really sad, they get colder instead.
[12] Don't get too worked up.
[13] I want to trust V.
[14] Seven, maybe you watched too many soap operas? lol
[15] Ya
[16] I think he mentioned something about religion...
[17] Already?
[18] Sleep tight like a baby sheep.
[19] He must be from a super rich family...
[20] Have fun playing^^

2nd day 19:02 Zen's with new work
[1] Zen, are you done with work?
[2] Why?
[3] Ya i'm listenibn
[4] T_T... Alright.
[5] lololol good for you.
[6] I think it'll suit you well.
[7] Do you want me to help you practice your lines?
[8] Anytime ^^
[ ] Outgoing call available

2nd day 20:05 Romance novel company
[1] Zen, are you practicing your lines?
[2] Then why are you telling me..?
[3] Sounds good.
[4] Looking forward to your awesome performance.
[ ] Such a man...! I'll be beside you!
[ ] @romance Of course!

2nd day 21:35 Jaehee's support
[1] Hello, Jaehee.
[2] I think Zen's pretty handsome lol
[3] Why are you asking?
[4] I don't have feelings for Zen.
[5] Jaehee, do you have feelings for Zen?
[6] You have a typo.
[7] I'll cheer with you.
[8] I'll be off too.

(Video) [NO SPOILERS] Mystic Messenger: Game tips!



3rd day 0:00 Girlfriend and Zen
[1] Zen, you're up pretty late.
[2] I think she's your fan.
[3] I am your fan ^^
[4] I'm not really sure ^^;
[5] A sensible woman.
[6] But if he weren't talented, his good looks might have played against him.
[7] I understand how you feel.
[8] How did V help you?
[9] Are you not in good terms with Jumin?
[10] Good night, Zen.
[ ] @rui I recommend you take the Olymbus X20.

3rd day 03:04 Unstoppable LOLOL
[1] Yoosung, what are you doing at this hour?
[2] Don't play games too much.
[3] How about inviting them to the RFA party?
[4] Since you are lonely.
[5] Good night.
[6] Jaehee, you logged in pretty late.
[7] That's a bit too much...
[8] Capitalism is so sad...
[9] I want to go to bed now...
[ ] @lolol Dia

3rd day 07:30 Jumin and Cat and Zen
[1] Zen, good morning.
[2] I spent a restless night with thoughts of you.
[3] You're the best in that area.
[4] How childish...
[5] Good bye, Zen.
[ ] Incoming call

3rd day 10:50 The person that has to be found
[1] Hello, Jaehee.
[2] What meeting was it?
[3] What kind of sugar-coated words?
[4] I think it'll be good.
[5] The main character?
[6] Omg.
[7] I think it's a story Yoosung would love lolol
[8] Look for her lololol
[9] You might find her once you start looking!
[10] Good luck!
[ ] @culture Borborry~

3rd day 12:15 Handsome Zen
[1] Zen, you're here.
[2] Master, you are here.
[3] Handsome~
[4] Oh no~.
[5] Oh, Jaehee you just came in.
[6] More people are coming in.
[7] The photo of Zen.
[8] You have a DVD?
[9] Aren't you going to go game now?
[10] I guess V has his own ideas about the party.
[11] Good bye.
[ ] Outgoing call available

3rd day 13:05 The Lady of Bracelets
[1] Jaehee, you're online again?
[2] The photo of Zen?
[3] Yoosung, good to see you ^^
[4] Did you look into the Lady of the Bracelets?
[5] Why don't you invited her to the party?
[6] Luciel... 707 must be an angel.
[7] I think Jaehee is a pretty name.
[8] Wow! I'm really curious of that club.
[9] We should invite that club to our party!
[10] Did you level up?
[11] What are you going to do, Jaehee?
[12] Jaehee, Good luck. I'm cheering for you!
[ ] @bracelet Don't worry!
[ ] @star Memories of my first kiss ✩
[ ] @bracelet Lock U Up Silver Bracelet

3rd day 15:30 Jaehee's thoughts
[1] I want to see you take a shower...
[2] I hope he becomes more like you, Zen.
[3] Maybe they want you to model for them since you're handsome?
[4] Hello, Jaehee.
[5] I guess you focus more on women than hobbies, Zen.
[6] What's wrong with being busy? Love is more important.
[7] Oh... So romantic!!
[8] I want to fall in love...
[9] Logged out as fast as lightning...
[10] I guess you're not an innocent girl lolol
[11] Will he add it though. lolol
[ ] @bracelet Claw machines at the mall

3rd day 17:56 Zen making a fuss
[1] Yoosung, hello.
[2] You won't get lonely if you play in teams~.
[3] What did you do during the day?
[4] I think being a game junkie suits you better than coffee.
[5] Then how about lessening your game hours...
[6] Hello, lovely Zen.
[7] Zen, you have something you want to say?
[8] Go ahead.
[9] Invite that group to the party!
[10] You look better than a model!
[11] Why do you have to be so selfish and look so handsome?
[12] Zen, good bye ^^
[ ] I'll give you all the reactions you want! ^0^
[ ] @artwoman Monet

3rd day 19:42 A slave of money, Seven
[1] I'm here ^^
[2] For what?
[3] I'll be careful of Seven, Jaehee ^^
[4] It's not like you to be so serious...
[5] lololololololol
[6] Sleep tight, 707.
[ ] Outgoing call available

3rd day 21:15 Jalapenos topping
[1] Hey, Yoosung.
[2] Hello, Zen~
[3] Wouldn't if feel as if you're under someone's control?
[4] Try taking on another hobby ^^
[5] Zen, have you ever acted out a situation where you're locked up?
[6] lolololololol What is that? lololol
[7] lolololololol I want to see that play.
[8] Me too...
[9] I'm going to go by myself.
[10] I think you'll do well in anything Zen.
[11] Zen, good luck working out ^^

3rd day 23:00 Yoosung is living alone
[1] Yoosung, when are you going to bed?
[2] You didn't.
[3] Sounds good.
[4] Please contact them as soon as you can.
[5] Thank you. ^^
[6] Hello, Zen ^^
[7] You really owe V your life.
[8] I don't really care for looks.
[9] Invite them!
[10] lolol That's interesting. Good night ^^
[ ] @barista Arabica coffee!
[ ] @model Of course.


(Video) Mystic Messenger - How to meet Saeran from the very start/without meeting someone else casual story

Yoosung Zen Jaehee 707 Jumin Others


Coming Soon

Yoosung Zen Jaehee 707 Jumin Others


Coming Soon

Yoosung Zen Jaehee 707 Jumin Others


Coming Soon

Yoosung Zen Jaehee 707 Jumin Others


Bad End

(Video) ZEN's Route Walkthrough Casual Story Day 10-4 【Cheritz Mystic Messenger】

1st day 00:03 Prologue1
[1] Who are you?
[2] First... who are you?
[3] Why are you obsessed with finding the owner? You can just give it to the police or the post office.
[4] No. You're creepy.
[5] No;;
[6] Alright... I'm returning asap if something seems strange.
[7] (Go to the sent address.)
[8] Hmm. Don't see one.
[9] There's nothing.
[10] It's not here.
[11] What?? Can you see me?
[12] Who the hell are you?!
[13] Okay.


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