U.S. Military Chases Its Tail to Stop “Extremism” and “White Supremacy” — while Enlistments Fall 75K short! (2023)

By LC Vincent.

“Be All that You Can Be.” I am sure you recognize this as the U.S. Army’s official slogan for the past decade. If you analyze this phrase and accept all of its’ inherent implications, what the Army is actually promoting is a form of “extremism.” In other words, in order to “be all that you can be”, a new recruit must examine and then re-enforce his/her most extreme hopes and dreams and then turn them into reality thru the aegis of the U.S. Army.

At the same time the U.S. Army is inspiring its recruits to explore the limits of their talents and abilities, the entire U.S. military is now tasked and burdened by the Faux Biden administration with the specious exercise of stamping out “extremism” within its ranks — however that may be defined — which places our military in direct opposition to its mission statement.

U.S. Military Chases Its Tail to Stop “Extremism” and “White Supremacy” — while Enlistments Fall 75K short! (1)

Potential new recruits are encouraged to explore the extreme limits of their personal growth and development in the U.S. Army; while developing one’s skills, talents and abilities within the other branches of the U.S. military is not only permitted but, according to recruiting advertising and promotions, it is applauded. However, the same explorations of the limits of one’s intellectual capacity in a political sense are now not only frowned upon, but punished.

Am I the only one who finds this dichotomy not just ridiculous but hypocritical? Why is extreme patriotism — love of country — now something to be tempered and diminished? Why is an extreme desire to defeat our enemy now considered to be a negative quality or characteristic?
Why is an extreme desire to excel in one’s military duties and responsibilities now seen as a detriment rather than something meritorious?

U.S. Military Chases Its Tail to Stop “Extremism” and “White Supremacy” — while Enlistments Fall 75K short! (2)

Apparently, the military’s definition of extremism exists in only one particular sphere of life—personal political affiliation; otherwise it is clear that the U.S. military would actually be sabotaging its’ own actual mandate—to preserve and defend the country and the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, with every shred of their being, up to an including their lives…. which as statements go, is about as extreme as one can get.

U.S. Military Chases Its Tail to Stop “Extremism” and “White Supremacy” — while Enlistments Fall 75K short! (3)

So it is clear, although unspoken and unsaid, that the military’s new “war” on extremism is purely political and philosophical, not experiential. But now we must ask a further question: since when does the military care about the political affiliations of its service members? Since when does the U.S. Military give itself the un-Constitutional authority to question its members political affiliations and sympathies? Since when, in other words, is our military given free reign to question the political philosophies and values of its members while declaring “extremism” in certain, unnamed areas of political association to now be considered suspect and worthy of sanction and reprisals — even expulsion?

This new preoccupation with the political leanings of our enlisted men was put on full display during the fake inauguration of our current illegitimate pretend president. Our so-called political elites, who cower in terror behind barricades and barbed-wire fences to protect them from the people they pretend to serve while selling them out to China, had the audacity to question the political preferences and affiliations of national guard troops tasked to guard the Capitol during Faux Biden’s faux inauguration. They apparently feared that a cadre of crazed Donald Trump supporters would storm their offices and string them up for their unconstitutional acquiesence to an obviously rigged election.

This casting about within the ranks of our enlisted men and women to discover a person or persons who may have preferred Trump over Biden is a very dangerous development. In essence, while the country demands that the members of our military are obligated to sacrifice their very lives for the freedoms we cherish, they are also being told they may be guilty of “thought crimes” for espousing or simply harboring ideas — or political preferences — that more than half the country harbors, and that the current illegitimate administration considers detrimental to their socialist agenda.

U.S. Military Chases Its Tail to Stop “Extremism” and “White Supremacy” — while Enlistments Fall 75K short! (4)

Since its a safe bet that our military is not concerned about covert Communist operatives, I find it peculiar, perverted and even unpatriotic that our military would be focusing its efforts on fighting nebulous “extremism” in its ranks; extremism that is ill defined for the simple reason that to define it further makes it crystal clear that the military’s actual focus of persecution is patriotism and — dare I say it — Nationalism.

Now our examination becomes even more convoluted. Why should “nationalism” — that is, love of one’s nation, a nation which the military is obligated to serve and protect with the potential cost of their very lives — somehow require a warning label and a grand jury inquiry for its adherents?

This push against “extremism” — which is now evident in all the publications of our military — is a distinct, direct product of group think political correctness — a Communist, totalitarian philosophy which espouses that everyone should think the same way, along the same lines, and anyone who strays from the daily orthodoxy is subject to being censored or worse.

Is this really what our forefathers bled, fought and died for? So that a group of military political elitists now feel they have the right if not the duty to investigate, intimidate and coerce nationalists who serve our country in the highest military capacity with harassment for their thought crimes? Soldiers who do not think their first obligation is to NATO, or the United Nations, but to the United States of America?

U.S. Military Chases Its Tail to Stop “Extremism” and “White Supremacy” — while Enlistments Fall 75K short! (5)

How did we sink so low that we would even allow our military branches to persecute “extreme” love of country, patriotism and Nationalism? How did it come to be that feelings which should be at the very core of the military’s own mission statements are now considered to be somehow dangerous, subversive, and unacceptable?

It should go without saying that such a policy creates needless friction within the ranks of both enlisted men and commissioned officers. It is clear that our military has serious issues with which to deal with from day-to-day, and burdening them with the frivolity of ascertaining when a soldier’s passion for his country crosses the line into “extremism” seems both a waste of time and a non-sensical preoccupation fomented by the new cadre of mid-level officers Obama promoted when he sought to create a politically correct military as part of his broader social experiment of fundamentally changing America into a Socialist country.

U.S. Military Chases Its Tail to Stop “Extremism” and “White Supremacy” — while Enlistments Fall 75K short! (6)

I see no need or necessity for scrutinizing the political preferences of our military personnel. As this illegitimate administration continues to push Obama’s dogmatic and doctrinaire PC policies inside the ranks of our enlisted men as well as our officer corps, our military readiness and morale has suffered, leaving a short-fall of tens of thousands of missing recruits who want nothing to do with political persecution or “woke” indoctrination.

Tampering with the very basics of creating and maintaining a military with the mental edge to always pursue victory is now brushed aside for far more important social skills, like using the correct pronouns to address trans-sexual soldiers who might be mortally wounded by hearing the wrong one used in casual conversation.

Such blatant stupidity is a predictable product of an Obama/Biden puppet show, featuring the same mentality that publicly labelled the hoax of “Climate Change” (not China, Russia, or North Korea) as our greatest existential threat. Such comic insanity makes us far more vulnerable to our real enemies than the “terrors” which patriotic nationalism could ever conjure in the worst nightmares of our effete political elite.

Copyright 2022, LCVincent, All Rights Reserved.

U.S. Military Chases Its Tail to Stop “Extremism” and “White Supremacy” — while Enlistments Fall 75K short! (7)

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