Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (2023)


Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (1)

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Updated on 1 Mar 2022

Kodi is a popular streaming application, and it is customisable. This means that you can add wizards to it to enhance your streaming experience. In this article, we’re going to provide you with a list of the best Kodi wizards. You can install these Kodi Wizards on Firestick using Kodi without any issues. These Wizards also work on other Fire TV devices such as Firestick 4K, Firestick Lite, Fire TV Cube, and more.

You don’t have to search for other Kodi builds or addons when you get a Kodi Wizard. It includes various tools and builds that you can install easily with a single click. They can also be installed within the settings panel as a .zip file.

Additionally, they come with a collection of skins, addons and builds with settings and extra features.

You can also install APKs, reduce buffering, reset Kodi, stream TV shows and movies. These wizards will help you to enhance your Kodi experience.

In the past, the Ares Wizard was one of the most popular Kodi Wizards that featured hundreds of tools, builds, addons, and more. However, it’s no longer functioning and has gone offline.

Fortunately, various other Kodi wizards have tons of great tools, builds and addons, and some of them might be even better than Ares. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the list of the best Kodi wizards you can use to upgrade your Kodi experience.

We’ve chosen the best Kodi Wizards based on factors like:

  • Number of builds available
  • Reliability of the Kodi Wizard
  • Installation speed
  • Number of updates
  • User interface

Each of the wizards below has multiple features, including addons, maintenance tools, builds and more. They are all unique in their own way.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (2)Many Kodi users around the world use the Racoon City Wizard. It offers numerous Kodi Builds, which are made for Kodi Leia. You can use it for versions 18.1 to 18.4. It includes Supernova, Star Trekkin, Pirates K18 and Boombox.

The best part about this Wizard is that you can customize the skins to your liking and include an addon to enhance your listening or viewing experience.

If you want a minimalistic design with simple features, then the Supernova Build that comes with it is perfect for you.

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Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (3)

DaButcher Wizard is a very lightweight application and is an excellent choice for saving storage space on your Firestick.

It also has several builds in the Wizard, including DaX17, Black Glass Anime, DaLight, DaBs Basic, Plain 17, DaX 18 and RoBo Red. These builds are great, and they will fulfil all of your requirements.

The DaLight Build is great if you prefer a no-frill layout and a straightforward interface.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (4)

The Insomniacs Wizard is for those users who love fast builds. However, it only has a few builds, such as Passion Led Us Here and Kirks Krypton Build, and it is designed for Kodi Leia 17 and 18, respectively.

The best thing is that it offers updated addons. You will always be up-to-date with the new trends and features.

This Kodi Wizard is famous for its Black & Gold build because it provides Kodi fans with a sophisticated yet classic interface.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (5)

The EzzerMac Wizard is a popular Kodi Wizard and is famous for providing an extensive list of Kodi Builds such as the Art Noveau Build, Halloween Build, Kids Build, Sky Build, Tron Build and more.

The Art Noveau Build is a famous build used by many users since it provides a simple interface with a massive database of movies.

Not only does it have an extensive list of builds, but all of these builds are updated to their latest version once they are released.

You can browse around the maintenance area, and you will find some very valuable utilities. These utilities are great to enhance the performance of Kodi.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (6)

The developers that made the EzzerMac Wizard have also developed the SG Wizard. The Kodi builds inside these wizards are exclusively for the Kodi Leia 18.

All the builds it offers have a functional and classic design that can be used easily by all Kodi users with different preferences. The Dark Build is a build that is a must-have and has different categories and a sleek dark mode.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (7)

No Limits is one of the best Kodi Wizards. If you are on the lookout for a reliable wizard, this one’s for you.

It has a charming interface that is smooth and fast. The Wizard does its duty to complete commands. The builds and addons that come with it are updated regularly and are reliable.

You can find vast categories of Movies, TV shows, animated content or even adult content, and it has categories and content for everyone.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (8)

This Kodi Wizard is for those who want to enjoy Kodi with their families.

The Wizard comes with only two Kodi Builds, the InnovatiON Colors Family Build and InnovatiON Colors Adult. Despite these limited choices we can guarantee that these builds will not disappoint you in any way.

They are great for those who enjoy streaming online content and it has easy navigation and streaming options, such as addons and no-buffer streams.

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Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (9)

The Supreme Build Wizard offers some of the best features, like addons, maintenance tools, builds, installers, a Kodi errors log viewer, Youtube videos, and much more.

This Kodi Wizard is one of the oldest wizards that is still working in 2022. Not only is it old, but it can beat some of the new Kodi wizards when it comes to features and its user interface.

You can also find various Kodi builds such as Hooligans, Titanium, Supremium, Cell X4 and Cell X5, Juggernaut, and more.

The Titanium Build has user-friendly skins and is one of the fastest builds available. It offers categories such as movies, TV shows, Sports, Kids Zones, Fitness and Weather.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (10)

The Stream Digital Wizard has a wide variety of Kodi Builds such as Lucid, BK Nox 18 Build, Doomzday, Zeno, Luxray, CarboNOXide, and more. These options are known for their clean design, addons, and functionality.

The BK Nox 18 Build is one of the best builds for streaming, and it offers unique features like The Lounge, with program shows that cater to 80s buffs, chick flick devotees and women.

It’s properly maintained and has an elegant interface. Also, it includes a Facebook Support Group where you see the latest updates and get assistance from the community.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (11)

The Cellardoor TV Wizard is not well known to the Kodi community, but it has one of the best bundles of skins and builds.

This particular build is compatible with many platforms and comes with popular Kodi addons.

Moreover, it has a fast and straightforward UI.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (12)

Tantrum Wizard is one of the most exciting and reliable Kodi Wizards. It has everything you can ask for, and you get sports, fitness, movies, and more.

The best thing about this Wizard is that it gets updated regularly.It is also compatible with android devices. You can install android applications through this wizard, and there are many android applications in its library.

No doubt, it is one of the finest Kodi setup wizards.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (13)

The Man Cave Wizard is a helpful Kodi Wizard with many features, tools and builds, and is known as ‘Kodi’s maintenance guy’ worldwide. This is because it is best known for its maintenance features.

Man Cave Wizard is very helpful in preparing backups, deleting caches and other helpful tasks.

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Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (14)

This Kodi Wizard has been around for a while and has just gained popularity recently. The Genie Wizard includes many famous addons, apps and games.

There has been a crackdown on such third-party addons, but despite the current condition, it is one of the best, working, and reliable Kodi Wizards available right now.

Now that we have listed the best Kodi Wizards, let us learn how to install these Kodi Wizards on Firestick.

Follow the detailed guide below:

Step 1: Head to Kodi’s Settings.Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (15)

Step 2: Click on Settings and then addons.

Step 3: Select Unknown Sources and toggle it on. Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (16)

Step 4: Click Yes when you see the warning prompt. Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (17)

Step 1: Head back to Kodi’s home screen click the gear icon (Settings).Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (18)

Step 2: Select File Manager.

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (19)

Step 3: Click on Add Source and then None.Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (20)

Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (21)

Step 4: In the URL box, enter the link to the Kodi Wizard and then click OK.

Step 5: Click the input box below Enter a name for this media source, and give the wizard a custom name. Now press OK, and then select OK again.

Step 6: Go back and click on addon.Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (22)

Step 7: Select ‘Install from zip file.’Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (23)Step 8: Now click on the repo name which you named earlier.

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Step 9: Click on the .zip file and press OK.

Step 10: Wait for the Wizard to finish installing. You will get a notification once the installation is complete.

Step 11: Click on Continue and then Ignore when you get prompts.

This is how to install a Wizard in Kodi on your Firestick.

Most people are unaware that all of their streaming activity on a Kodi Wizard can be seen by their Internet Service Provider and Government.

Although using a Kodi Wizard is entirely legal, there might be some content inside the Wizard, like a movie or TV show which might have copyrighted content. When you stream this content for free, it might land you in some legal trouble.

VPN services such as ExpressVPN help you to mask and hide your identity, and allow you to stream and browse anonymously.

When you use ExpressVPN your internet traffic will be hidden as it is sent through an encrypted tunnel, and it will disable your ISP and Government from monitoring your internet activity.

Hackers are constantly trying to get your private information. It would help if you always used a VPN while connected to a public network.

Also, some of the content and features you desire might be geographically restricted. A VPN helps to overcome these barriers by connecting to different servers and pretending to access content from a different country.

Step 1: Click on the search option and type in ExpressVPN. Select this VPN when you can see it in the search results.Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (24)

Step 2: Select Download.Top Kodi Wizards to Upgrade Your Kodi Experience (25)

Step 3: Follow the instructions within the app to configure ExpressVPN.

We recommend you use ExpressVPN since it is compatible with most streaming devices. It’s fast and doesn’t slow down your internet speed, and it is the best way to keep your information secure.

A Kodi Wizard is like an addon that includes multiple builds, other tools and many more features which help to enhance your Kodi experience.

You can install a Kodi Wizard within Kodi with the help of a repository URL. The installation process is very similar to various other addons.

The Ares Wizard has gone offline and is not functional anymore. You can still use its previous version. However, the latest version only features tools and settings to configure Kodi.

All Kodi Wizards work with all Kodi devices, including Amazon Firestick. We’ve provided you with an immersive list of the best Kodi wizards that you can get for yourself.

Kodi Wizards are a great way to enhance your Kodi experience. They help you bring addons, builds and many other features to your Firestick. These Wizards are a package, and you won’t need to download other builds and addons separately, and it helps you save effort and time.

You should always use a VPN while using a Kodi Wizard, and you will be able to explore the Kodi Wizards without any trouble. We hope you will have a seamless and enjoyable experience with the Kodi Wizards we have provided for you.


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