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Halaman ini ane buat untuk share link Game PS3, khusunya game PS3 PKG. Tujuan ane bikin halaman ini mempermudah teman-teman gamer yang mau download supaya tidak muter-muter dipermainkan sama blogger

  • Sep 19, 2019 PS3 PSNpatch is a very simple tool that helps you to install PS3 PKG games rap files in just five moments. There is one thing to note. PS3 PSNpatch tool only works with CFW firmware. If you don’t have installed CFW firmware on your PS3 console. Then you can install it simply on HAN jailbroken console.

Metal.gear.solid.v.the.phantom.pain.ps3-duplex.torrent: File Size: 104 kb: File Type: torrent. Ake express card 54mm to 2 port usb 3.0 expresscard driver windows 7. PS3 Games & DLCs: Download and Install reActPSN; Create new PS3 local profile with this name aa; Copy the downloaded PKG file to your PS3 or USB and copy 'exdata' directory to your USB drive. Make sure the exdata directory contains.rap file(s)! Now plug the USB to your console and install PKG(s). Internet booster software. PKG is a file format used to store games and demos that you download over the PlayStation Store. This file format is also used to package user-created games, which you must install on your PS3 via a USB drive. If your PS3 cannot detect PKG files on your USB drive, you must convert the file format on the USB drive to FAT32. Download pc software free.

Untuk game yang belum ada mungkin nanti bisa ane usahakan utk share Direct Link Download kalau sudah dapat hehe. atau agan bisa convert game sendiri. Caranya baca di artikel berikut : Cara bikin file PKG dari Game CFW

Alone in The Dark PKG
Amazing Spiderman PKG
Amazing Spiderman 2 PKG
Armored Core 5 PKG
Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PKG + RAP
Assassin's Creed: Revelations PKG + RAP
Assassin's Creed 2 PKG
Assassin's Creed 3 PKG
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag PKG
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea PKG

Batman: Arkham Asylum PKG + RAP
Batman: Arkham Origins PKG
Batman: Arkham City PKG
Battlefield: Bad Company PKG
Battlefield: Bad Company Gold PKG
Battlefield Bad Company 2 PKG
Battle Field 1943 PKG
Battlefield 4 PKG
Bayoneta PKG
Beyond Good & Evil HD PKG
Bionic Commando PKG
BioShock 2 PKG
Binary Domain PKG
BlackSite: Area 51 PKG
Blood Drive PKG
Borderlands: Ultimate Edition PKG
Borderlands 2 + Game of the Year Edition PKG
Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box PKG

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PKG
Call of Duty: Black Ops + All DLC
Call of Duty: Black Ops II PKG
Call of Duty : Ghost PKG
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PKG + RAP
Call of Juarez: The Cartel PKG + UPDATE + LIC
Castlevania Lords of Shadow PKG
Crysis 2 PKG
Crysis 3 PKG

Dante's Inferno PKG
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PKG
DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin PKG


Ps3 Pkg File Download (1)

The Darkness II PKG
Dead Island GOTY PKG
Dead Space 2 PKG
Dead Space 3 PKG
Deadpool PKG

Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon PKG
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PKG (Torrent)
Far Cry 2 PKG
Far Cry 4 PKG
Farming Simulator 2013 PKG
Fallout: New Vegas PKG
FIFA 19 PKG - (Password: CarlosGuti)

Ghostbusters The Video Game PKG
God Of War 3 PKG
God of War®: Chains of Olympus PKG
Godfather 2 PKG
Gran Turismo 5 PKG + DLC
GTA 5 Updater 1.27 PKG Signed
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock PKG

Haze PKG
Heavenly Sword PKG (Torrent)

Infamous PKG
Infamous 2 PKG
Invizimals: The Lost World PKG

Killzone 3 PKG
The King of Fighters 13 PKG
Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends PKG

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes PKG
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham PKG
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continuess PKG
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga PKG
Little Big Planet: GOTY Edition PKG
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North PKG
Lost Planet 3 PKG

Madden NFL 17 PKG
Marvel Super Hero Squad The Infinity Gauntlet PKG
Magus PKG
Mars: War Logs PKG
Mass effect PKG + RAP
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames PKG
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots PKG
Midnight Club Los Angeles PKG
Minecraft PlayStation 3 PKG
Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition PKG
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe PKG
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift PKG
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 PKG
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution PKG
Need for Speed: ProStreet PKG
Need For Speed Shift 2: UNLEASHED
PayDay 2 PKG
Persona 5
Phantom Breaker Extra
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PKG
Portal 2 PKG
Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PKG
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within PKG
Prototype 2 PKG + RAP

Minecraft Ps3 Pkg File Download

Race Driver GRID PKG
Rambo The Video Game PKG
Red Dead Redemption PKG
Resident Evil 4 HD PSN PKG
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition PKG
Ridge Racer Unbounded PKG
Risen 2 Dark Waters PKG
Resident Evil 6 PKG
Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition PKG
Silent Hill HD Collection PKG
Sleeping Dogs PKG
Sniper 2 Ghost Warrior PKG
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racings PKG
Sonic Generation PKG
Sonic Unleshed PKG
Soul Calibur V PKG
Spec Ops The Line - CFW2OFW Part1Part2 Part3 Part4Part5 Part6 + Patch
Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Republic Heroes PKG

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows PKG
Test Drive Unlimited 2 PKG
Tomb Raider 2013 PKG
Transformers Dark of the Moon
Transformers Fall of Cybertron
Transformers Revenge of The Fallen


Ps3 Pkg File Download

UFC Undisputed 2010 PKG
Uncharted 3: The Game of the Year Ed PKG
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PKG + RAP
Way of the Samurai 3 PKG
WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship PKG
Yakuza 4 PKG + RAP
Zen Pinball 2 Complete Edition PKG
Zone of the Enders HD Collection PKG

Yang belum tau bagaimana install file PKG ukuran besar baca tutorial di link berikut:

  • Kalau mau instal pakai Flshdisk file PKG yang besar harus dipecah dulu menjadi part berukuran kurang dari 4GB dengan Cara Split File PKG

Meskipun masih banyak yang belum ada, akhirnya dari A sampai Z sudah ane bikin daftar direct link Download Game PS3 PKG. Semoga bermanfaat.

Install Package Files Ps3 Download

Ps3 Pkg Files Free Download

multiMAN v04.85.01
* Signed files for PS3HEN
multiMAN v04.85.00
* Added support for CFW 4.83-4.85
* Support multiMAN:
multiMAN v04.82.00
* Added support for 4.82 CEX CFW
multiMAN v04.81.02
* Fixed nethost/netiso issues on DEX CFW
multiMAN v04.81.01
* Added support for CFW 4.81 (DEX)
multiMAN v04.81.00
* Added support for CFW 4.81 (CEX)
* Added update for Stealth version
multiMAN v04.80.00
* Added support for CFW 4.80
* Added update for Stealth version
multiMAN v04.78.02/04.78.03
* Fixed naming of FLASH/LV1/LV2 exports for CFW 4.66/4.76/4.78
* Fixed EBOOT.BIN/SPRX patching for CFW 4.66/4.76/4.78
* Updated Showtime/Movian to latest Bleeding Edge (04.99.812) -
* Updated stealthMAN (multiMAN Stealth version) to 04.78.02
multiMAN v04.78.01
* Fixed crash when scanning for /net_host (ps3netsrv) games
multiMAN v04.78.00
* Added support for CFW 4.78
* Updated Japanese translation by Kyan_dudl
multiMAN v04.76.00
* Added support for CFW 4.76
* Fixed BD-Mirror for 4.75 DEX
multiMAN v04.75.55
* Support for CFW 4.75 CEX/DEX
* Fixed/Removed unused DYNAREC references
multiMAN v04.75.00
Added Support for CFW 4.75 (CEX)
multiMAN 04.70.02 - 04.70.01
* Added: Unload network and NTFS modules loaded by webMAN on mM startup.
* Fixed: Create ISO from folder.
* Fixed: Issue on Rebug when copying PS3UPDAT.PUP.
multiMAN 04.70.00
* Added support for CFW 4.70
* Updated Danish translation by ChopstiX
* Updated Movian/Showtime for mM to 4.9.430
Changes in multiMAN 04.66.10 (20150110):
* Fixed game covers for split ISO games
* Fixed game backgrounds for ISO games
* Fixed few issues introduced in .08
multiMAN 04.66.09 (20150107)
* Fixed minor issue (mmCM)
* Added prompt to launch multiMAN if mmCM finds itself in non-cobra mode
* Improved support for 4.65CEX/DEX and 4.66CFW
* Fixed issues with multiple USB HDDs on Cobra CFWs (4.46-4.66)
* Fixed black screens/invalid-disc-errors and other problems
* Removed Habib's LV2 patches
multiMAN 04.66.06 (20141201)
* Fixes issues with games like 'Shadow of Mordor' - it can be launched in JB/folder format from internal/external now
* Probably will fix issues with other JB/folder-format games
* Fix is for all standard CFWs and for cobra CFWs (4.46-4.66)
* /app_home is intentionally not redirected to /dev_bdvd on cobra CFWs
* New pkg structure
multiMAN 04.66.05 (20141129)
* Fixed issues with 4.66 CFW Cobra (mmCM and webMAN)
multiMAN 04.66.05 (20141129)
* Fixed issues with 4.66 CFW Cobra (mmCM and webMAN)
multiMAN 04.66.04 (20141123)
It is aimed to cover all configurations for better compatibility. This one will utilize the 'USB Patch' option in 'Settings' (used back in 3.41) and will affect the way BD-Mirror option is applied and when AIOMOD is used. The actual change is only with point 4) when both options are enabled.
COBRA firmwares (only affects games on external USB HDD):
1) [-] BD-Mirror | [-] USB Patch (Both options disabled) - mmCM will act the same as before (all versions up to 04.66.02)
2) [X] BD-Mirror | [-] USB Patch (Only BD-Mirror selected) - (no effect) Same as before
3) [-] BD-Mirror | [X] USB Patch (Only USB patch selected) - (no effect) Same as before
4) [X] BD-Mirror | [X] USB Patch (Both options enabled) - mM will use the old bd-mirror method (moving /PS3_GAME to the root of the USB HDD)
STANDARD firmwares:
1) [-] BD-Mirror | [-] USB Patch (Both options disabled) - multiMAN will act the same as before (all versions up to 04.66.02)
2) [X] BD-Mirror | [-] USB Patch (Only BD-Mirror selected) - Same as before (AIOMOD.BIN is used for USB games and libfs.sprx is used for internal HDD games)
3) [-] BD-Mirror | [X] USB Patch (Only USB patch selected) - (no effect) Same as before
4) [X] BD-Mirror | [X] USB Patch (Both options enabled) - AIOMOD.BIN is not used. mM will use the old bd-mirror method for USB games (moving /PS3_GAME to the root of the USB HDD) and libfs.sprx is used for internal HDD games)
This will make mM fully compatible with older and newer cobra/non-cobra firmwares, providing all possible options for all games/environments. By using option 4) on standard firmwares the user won't have to manually delete/rename AIOMOD.BIN, because it is needed by some games and other require the plain old bd-mirror method.
For example, to make the 'Mordor' game work on Cobra from external USB HDD you will need option 4) enabled (both BD-Mirror and USB Patch options enabled for the game in settings).
After you update to 04.66.04 nothing should change for most of you. If you experience issues with some external USB HDD games - try options 2) and 4). When reporting problems, please make sure that you load multiMAN/mmCM after CLEAN REBOOT and do not use other apps/patches before launching the game. If you use any app that disables syscalls/psn patchers/etc - I cannot guarantee anything.
multiMAN 04.66.03 (20141122)
* Added 'BD-Mirror' on Cobra firmwares for external FAT32 USB HDD games
* Fixed black-screen-games issues for newer games (external HDD only)
* Updated libfs.sprx and explorer_plugin.sprx (for better discless support)
The updated explore_plugin.sprx (IEXP0_460.BIN in USRDIR/sys) adds proper discless support (for launching games from /app_home) to multiMAN for CFWs 4.60, 4.65 and 4.66.
multiMAN 04.66.02 (20141120)
* Added Support for 4.66 CEX CFW
* Added Support for 4.65 DEX CFW
* Added Spoof for 4.66 for older Cobra firmwares (do no use with Habib 4.65)
* Fixed some wrong memory offsets for non-cobra firmware
* Includes Showtime 4.7.494
multiMAN 04.65.02 (20141116)
* Added support for 4.65 CEX CFW
* Added support for Direct-Disc-Access for 4.65 CEX CFW
You should be now able to access all types of optical discs, that includes PS1 game discs, PS2 discs (to backup/convert to 'classics'), AVCHD discs (for playback in Showtime) or Blu-ray (to backup and later decrypt on a PC), including any DATA CD/DVD with music/movies.
multiMAN 04.65.01 (20141108):
* Added support for 4.65CFW (CEX)
multiMAN 04.60.00 (20140712):
* Added support for CFW 4.60
multiMAN 04.55.01:
* Fixed USB bus scanning and reset for CFW 4.53 and 4.55
* Updated Showtime for mM to version 04.05.302
* Fixed few other things
multiMAN 04.55.00:
* Added support for 4.55CFW (tested by Habib)
* Added 4.55 spoof option to mmCM (do not use on non 4.46CFW)
* Fixed downloading files from sendspace from the WEB column
* Showtime 04.05.087 is included
multiMAN 04.53.04:
* Names of local PS3 games in ISO format are properly displayed (from PARAM.SFO)
* Names of network and NTFS PS3 games in ISO format are properly displayed (from PARAM.SFO) after you load them at least once
* PS3 ISO games from NTFS drives will now show background and cover (if loaded at least once)
* Added support for checking for game updates for network and NTFS PS3 games in ISO format
* Last loaded game/video (no network/ntfs) will be passed to webMAN for auto-load at next system start (making lastGAME almost obsolete)
* While scanning for content, mmCM will prepare data for webMAN, too (NTFS info, images and param.sfo)
* Upon launch, mM/mmCM will rescan your games and will cache images and other files
* Small change to make mM 'title_id' independent (in case you change it from the default BLES80608)
* Downloading mM/mmCM updates is now 'title'/'name' independent
* In mmCM mode in HOME column you now have 'Scan connected NTFS USB drives' option. In case you didn't connect the drive before launching mmCM you can use this option to refresh content from NTFS drives.
04.53.03 (20131222)
! For COBRA7 compatible firmwares (CEX version only):
* Added support for PS3 games in ISO format from NTFS drives (/PS3ISO folder)
* Added support for PS1 games in ISO/BIN+CUE format from NTFS drives (/PSXISO folder)
* Added support for Blu-ray movies in ISO format from NTFS drives (/BDISO folder)
* Added support for DVD video in ISO format from NTFS drives (/DVDISO folder)
The only requirement is to have your NTFS formatted USB HDD connected to your PS3 when you start multiMAN.
04.53.02 (20131217)
* Added proper detection of COBRA7 firmwares (4.46-4.53)
* Added 'Check for updates' for local PS3 games in ISO format
* Added check when loading local/network PS3 games in ISO format if installed game update requires higher firmware version and fixes sprx/self/eboot files
04.53.01 (20131208)
* Added support for 4.53 CEX CFW (tested)
* Fixed covers/backgrounds for network PS3 games in JB/folder format
* Added spoof to version 4.53 (COBRA7 firmwares only)
On Cobra7 compatible firmwares - make sure to delete mM's USRDIR/cache folder (if you want to get PIC1.PNG covers for network JB/folder games).
Network (/net_host#/***PS3***/) games now show ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG and a cover if available.
04.50.04 (20131103)
* Added support for loading network games in JB/FOLDER format using ps3netsrv
To use network servers you must add them in mM/mmCM in Settings ('Network Servers') and have ps3netsrv running on your PC to share the drive/folder with your games/iso/videos/etc.
04.50.03 (20131103)
* Added support for 4.50 DEX CFW
* Added support for 4.46 Cobra/Rogero CFW
* Added 'Switch between mmCM and multiMAN' option in HOME column
* In Cobra/mmCM mode all functions are operational (tested)
04.50.02 (20131013)
* Added support for 4.41 DEX CFW
* Added Korean language (big thanks to Joonie86) and updated Romanian
04.50.01 (20131006)
* Added support for lastGAME 8.0 [SingStar]
* mM will display the IDPS from NOR/NAND (EID0) and from LV2 memory (spoofed/real) in 'System Information'
* Fixed lastGAME support for external/usb games with bd-mirror setting
If you use lastGAME 8.0 [SingStar] version (available also in the WEB column of multiMAN) you can take advantage of REMOVING the Singstar app from your ps3 and also have quick access to the last game you loaded with multiMAN.
lastGAME 8.0 support bd-mirror settings, so it is 100% compatible with all games that multiMAN supports. multiMAN (standard/stealth) is required to be installed to use bd-mirror with lastGAME 8.0.
04.50.00 (20131004)
* Added support for 4.50CFW
* Disc-less mode: Icon changed from BD disc to 'folder icon'
04.46.04 - requires BASE 04.46.02 or later installed
* Minor update to improve a bit the download speeds for updates, covers and other things. (124MB)
* Supports ODDE MCU 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and later
* Supports downloading game covers
* Supports downloading themes
* Includes Showtime for mM 04.03.536 by Andreas Oman (so no need for separate ISO and reset/eject/reload)
* Changed exitspawn method (thanks to kakaroto for the suggestion) - that means that now RetroArch or other apps can be seamlessly integrated again with mM on OFW + ODDE
* Added Croatian (Hrvatski) language - translation by Robi666
* Added Slovak (Slovenčina) language - translation by lubek76
* Updated Czech (Čeština) language - translation by varinek and Mutagen
* Fixed some issues with downloading covers/updates
Now multiMAN supports 34 languages.
multiMAN ver 04.46.03 STEALTH (20130908).zip (38.56MB)
(Install report_data.txt file with deanK’s installPKG by placing the file on the root of the memory stick and PRESS START to install it)
* Added support for 4.46DEX (REX)
* Added support for 4.46 CFW
* Fixed 'Change BD-Movie Region' for 4.41CFW
multiMAN 04.40.00 (06-02-2013):
* New server for covers/themes/webcolumn/game-updates
multiMAN 04.40.00 (05-03-2013):
* Updated Showtime for mM to 04.03.211
* Updated PS1 Emulator (ps1_emu.self) to 4.41 (it will be used on 4.40 and 4.41 CFWs)
* Updated PS1_NET Emulator (ps1_netemu.self) to 4.41 (it will be used on 4.40 and 4.41 CFWs)
Now mM will use ps1_emu/ps1_netemu from 4.41OFW (patched of course) when launching PS1 ISO/BIN+CUE backups if your PS3 is running 4.40CFW/4.41CFW. I didn't change the mM version, but if you wish better PS1 backups compatibility and newer Showtime - update to this BASE version.
You can install this version either from scratch or update any installed mM version.
multiMAN 04.40.00 (05-02-2013):
* Added support for 4.41 CFW
All specific features (like BD Movie region Change, BD-Mirror, DYNAREC, PS1 BIN+ISO backups, PS2 Classics, discless, etc) work.
multiMAN 04.30.00 (03-31-2013) [Test Update]:
* Added support to encrypt standard disc-backup PS2 ISO files from /dev_hdd0/PS2ISO and /dev_usb***/PS2ISO to PS2 Classics
* Added support to delete PS2 Classics (ISO+folder)
* Added support to load PS2 Classics from USB HDD (folder will be transferred to internal HDD)
* Encryption is done by spawning 'ps2classics' which resides in mM's USRDIR/sys/PS2C.BIN (source code provided in the ps2classics.rar below)
Basically it comes down to:
1) Rip your original PS2 game disc with multiMAN (it took just 4-5 mins to backup my KILLZONE disc) / or transfer a PS2 ISO backup to /dev_hdd0/PS2ISO
2) Go to RETRO column and load the ISO - you'll be prompted to convert to PS2 Classic
3) Conversion takes 2 to 5 mins and you'll be returned to multiMAN (you'll see the converted game with [PS2 Classic] suffix in the name)
4) Activate the PS2 Classic and start it from XMB/PS2 Classic Placeholder
Default CID and KLICENSE used (compatible with aldostools and CaptainCPS-X tools/apps):
CID: 2P0001-PS2U10000_00-0000111122223333
KLC: E4E54FD67C16C316F47829A30484D843
This test update requires that you have 04.30.00 BASE or updated online to 04.30.00. The online version is not updated with this test build.
Changes in ps2classic source code:
* Added 64bit file access functions to support 4GB+ files (for LIMG and encryption)
* Added asynchronous READ/WRITE to improve encryption speed (1GB / 3min)
* Added progress bar and 'Remaining time' information to the encryption
* Added check if the provided ISO is a CD or DVD image for proper LIMG header creation
multiMAN 04.30.00 (03-24-2013):
You need 'PS2 Classics Placeholder' (by CaptainCPS-X) installed [and activated] and your ps2 classics in /dev_hdd0/PS2ISO as subfolders. If you don't have memory-cards, mM will create them for you under SAVEDATA subfolder in the game folder.
Use the following structure format:
/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Test Game (simple naming format - no cover download)
/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Test Game/ISO.BIN.ENC
/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Test Game/COVER.JPG (not mandatory, but if present will have higher priority than downloaded covers)
/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Test Game/SAVEDATA/SCEVMC0.VME (mM will create it if missing)
/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Test Game/SAVEDATA/SCEVMC1.VME (mM will create it if missing)
or even better, the recommended format:
/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/[SCUS-97194] NFL GameDay 2003 (mM will use the gameID and will download the cover if available)
/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/[SCUS-97194] NFL GameDay 2003/ISO.BIN.ENC
/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/[SCUS-97194] NFL GameDay 2003/COVER.JPG (not mandatory, but if present will have higher priority than downloaded cover)
/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/[SCUS-97194] NFL GameDay 2003/SAVEDATA/SCEVMC0.VME (mM will create it if missing)
/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/[SCUS-97194] NFL GameDay 2003/SAVEDATA/SCEVMC1.VME (mM will create it if missing)
Basically you only need the ISO.BIN.ENC and nothing else:
and mM will show 'MyPS2Classic' disc icon in the RETRO column. If you name your folder with the game-id, mM will download the cover. If you put 'COVER.JPG' next to the iso, mM will use it instead. That's it.

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Is 160gb enough for PS3? ›

160gb is not at all enough space. You only get about 145gb of space to work with. Lots of games require up to 8gb of space for installation. And most full retail games you download will take up 8-15gb of space.

What is PKGI? ›

The pkgi-ps3 homebrew app allows to download and install . pkg files directly on your PS3.

How many games can a 250GB PS3 hold? ›

PlayStation 3 Azurite Blue 250GB System is anything but unstable. Boasting an impressive 250GB hard drive that can hold up to 1800 games, 140 movies, 99,000 songs , or a mixture of all.

How many GB is an average PS3 game? ›

Typical PS3 game takes 10–20Gbs, there are smaller and there are bigger titles, of course.

What is the largest PS3 game? ›

MGS4 is the biggest game space wise so far at 50GB's ...

How many GB does the original PS3 have? ›

Original model

There are several original PlayStation 3 hardware models, which are commonly referred to by the size of their included hard disk drive: 20, 40, 60, 80, or 160 GB.

How can I download ps3 games? ›

Select (PS Store) > [Start] > (Options) > [Download List]. Select the game that you want to download, and then select [Download]. Some games cannot be copied from the PS3™ system to your system, or cannot be downloaded using your system.

How do I install a PKGJ game? ›

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How do I download ps3 games to my PC? ›

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