New Business Bulletin: Cognizant, Distributed, Tripadvisor® and many more - New Digital Age (2023)

Cognizanthas announced that it has been selected by global law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer to manage global IT operations and support its ambitious global expansion plans.Under the new multi-year agreement, Cognizant will providea 24×7 managed service of Freshfields’ IT infrastructure and applications, as well as managing its service desk. Cognizant will also help define Freshfields’ technology transformation roadmap.The collaboration with Cognizant will support Freshfields’ high standards of client service, improving flexibility and driving investment and innovation in other parts of the business.

Distributed, the private talent cloud for skilled tech freelancers, is announcing a partnership with Freelance Movement to further support freelancers’ working rights. Distributed has built a global community of freelance talent that allows enterprise organisations to deploy skilled workers into their core technology product lines; Distributed calls this their Elastic Teams. Through its proprietary platform, Distributed recruits into the Elastic Team from across the globe and works with freelancers to prevent and address the problems they face daily. Whether finding work, concern over regular payment, seeking support from a like-minded community, easing the administrative burden or career development, Distributed exists to alleviate these pressures on the self-employed.

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Tripadvisor®, the world’s largest travel guidance platform, has announced the launch of its new in-house creative and content studio,Wanderlab. The launch of Wanderlab is the fulfilment of an idea set in motion pre-pandemic to offer both travel and non-travel brands more than boxes and banner advertising options on Tripadvisor. By tapping into first party data, inspirational creative and focusing on cutting-edge marketing solutions, Wanderlab builds on the bedrock of Tripadvisor’s existing media offering, providing bold and compelling ways for brands to reach an audience of high intent, high spend travel shoppers, both on and off its platform.

SALT, the full-service marketing consultancy specialising in food & drink, collaborated with Soho House to helpreimagine and deliver the Soho Farmhouse Food Festival. After a two-year hiatus, FoodFest returned to Soho Farmhouse to bring food, farming, and flavour together as never before. The event featured a stellar roll call of UK pioneers of the culinary scene, talk-of-the-town restaurateurs and high-profile dining enthusiasts, and was attended by over 3,500 Soho House members and guests. An incredible lineup of partners included headline sponsor Porsche as well as Patron, Martini, Angel’s Envy, Woodford Reserve and HexClad.SALT and Soho House’s complete end-to-end project delivery started with strategy and creative ideation and then included a collaboration on all brand activations and fine dining experiences. Together, SALT and Soho Farmhouse partnered to create a unique environment allowing chefs to freely-run their workshops and installations, creating the sort of one-off experiences that they would like to attend themselves.

Aldi, the UK’s fourth-largest supermarket, has partnered with parcelLab, the Operations Experience Management (OXM) platform, to accelerate its customer experience in the UK. The partnership will enable the retailer to offer clear and proactive delivery communications, enhancing customer experience and driving operational improvements. Working with parcelLab to become the first supermarket in the UK to integrate OXM is part of Aldi’s wider drive to offer an industry-leading online and offline customer purchasing journey. Supporting the business’ customer acquisition and retention goals, Aldi will use parcelLab’s platform for their pre-dispatch and outbound communications. parcelLab’s technology ensures customers will receive timely, Aldi-branded communications about deliveries and returns direct from the retailer for non-grocery related online purchases. In turn, Aldi will be able to use these messages to surface more of their range to customers, while using delivery data to improve overall order efficiency.

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Infrastructure and connectivity specialist Connexin has announced it is expanding its full fibre network to two new locations, Cottingham and Scarborough, underlining its commitment to bringing the best broadband connectivity to customers residing in the North.With recent acquisitions of regional internet service providers (ISPs), Pure Broadband and Wisper Broadband, and network expansion in Beverley, Connexin is continuing to build on the success of creating greater broadband choice for customers in the wider Yorkshire region. The expansion in Scarborough and Cottingham is part of Connexin’s plans to ‘level up’ the north through digital connectivity and enablement.

The Independent has announced a new partnership with checkout technology company Bolt, transforming its eCommerce offering and the way readers shop their favourite brands. This new, integrated shopping service will allow readers to purchase products from editorial reviews of their favourite products in IndyBest directly on The Independent site, without being linked out to external sites. The new partnership is powered by Bolt. Brands available directly through IndyBest through this new checkout technology include Weekday, ARKET, Panda, Facegym, Love Brand & Co and Molton Brown, with many more to come.

Seraphim Space Manager LLP (‘Seraphim Space’), the investment manager of Seraphim Space Investment Trust (‘SSIT’ or the ‘Company’), the world’s first listed SpaceTech investment company, has launched a new proprietary tool to enhance the analysis of climate, sustainability, and social impact risks for the space technology sector and provide improved sustainable-led practices. Seraphim Space has developed a new advanced process in partnership with the Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) experts Sancroft to review prospective SSIT portfolio companies’ exposure to climate, sustainability and social impact risk as part of its investment criteria and further work with each company to reach net zero and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals at a quicker speed. It is also launching training for SSIT portfolio companies on key ESG themes in the coming month.

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Time Out, the global media and hospitality business which helps people explore and experience the best of the city, has developed a bespoke digital multi-channel campaign for FREE NOW, the Mobility Super App which gets you from A to B in over 170 cities. The campaign is the largest-ever video-led campaign in the UK between Time Out and a brand and aims to bring the best of London to people who want to make the most of the capital this autumn. Created by the Time Out Creative Solutions team in partnership with FREE NOW, City Life by Time Out and FREE NOW is the video embodiment of Time Out’s long-running City Life editorial series.

Workato, the enterprise automation platform, has announced the launch of the newMarketing Process Automation Certification, part of the company’s Automation Institute. The certification will cover best practices and methodologies for marketing process automation along with what enterprise automation means for marketing teams and more. Lead by a team of experts in automation, the Marketing Process Automation Certification instructors include Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot and Editor at, Zann Yap, Director of Demand Generation at Workato, and Josh Lucas, Rev Ops Solution Manager at Workato. Each expert will act as the instructor and go-to guide throughout the certification and will help deliver engaging, product-agnostic content for any marketing or ops professional.

Zeno Group haslaunchedZ3, a dedicated global think tank comprised of Web3 and other specialists to counsel clients on a variety of emerging technologies and execute immersive digital experiences that deliver real business impact. Z3 will be led byRob Stone, Zeno’s Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation at3 Monkeys Zenoin London. Z3 will provide strategic guidance to clients, beginning with a deeper understanding of how the various dimensions of Web3 can and should advance brand engagement and corporate reputation. Z3 will offer a suite of products and services including training, strategy, creative production, issues management and event production.Zeno has also acquired land on major metaverse platforms including Decentraland to serve as a ‘playlot’ for employee and client experimentation.

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Globalization Partners (G-P), the Global Employment Platform™ that makes it fast, simple, and compliant for companies to hire anyone, anywhere, has announced Serena Williams will keynote itsflagship PANGEO Conferencetaking place October 18, 2022. PANGEOis the original and largest global employment conference, presenting a world-class selection of speakers, growth experts, founders, and leaders to equip companies with the ideas, skills, and best practices to thrive in the world of global hybrid and remote work. The conference will bring together visionaries from around the world, who will discuss key trends, strategies, and personal experiences for building efficient and inclusive global remote teams.

Oxylabs, a public web data gathering solutions provider, has announced the acquisition ofWebshare Software Company, a distinguished Silicon Valley-based self-service proxy companywhose portfolio includes over 10,000 active customers, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. Under the undisclosed details of the deal, Oxylabs will support the further development of Webshare by sharing extensive industry knowledge and business expertise. In addition, Webshare’s in-house teams will be significantly expanded by capturing world-class talent from all over the industry.

Easol, a travel and experience commerce technology company, is announcing the launch of Easol Capital, a new financing solution tailor-made for festival organisers. Easol Capital will create a fairer, flexible and transparent financing process that puts control back in the hands of festival organisers. Easol will be outlining the benefits of Easol Capital at itsFestivals Showcaseevent streamed globally on September 22, 2022.

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US-based Sentry Enterprises has selected the IDEX Biometrics Trustedbio Max fingerprint sensor solution for use in the next generation of their industry leading biometric identity platform, SentryCard. This platform integrates multiple certified access control technologies, including FIDO2, into each SentryCard to enable a decentralized biometric identification solution. IDEX has received an order to support initial production of this solution which is scheduled to reach the market in Q4 of 2022. This biometric identity solution delivers quick and secure authentication, critical in protecting assets and securing access for enterprises, governments, and individuals. Removing the need for PINs and passwords, biometric platforms provide ground-breaking ways of safeguarding digital assets and securing physical access.

Storyly, the user engagement platform that embeds full-screen, interactive, and immersive Stories in mobile apps and websites, today announces the launch of ‘Moments’, a brand new product that will enable mobile app owners to empower their users further by giving them the ability to create and post their own Stories directly in the mobile app. Moments by Storyly is the latest community engagement solution for mobile apps to empower and retain their communities by turning individual users into creators. It brings a unique and powerful social layer, enabling users to create and share full-screen Stories instantly in these apps. These user-generated Stories become a space where users express themselves, which builds up social interactions and strengthens ownership and the sense of belonging.


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