ESD Suppressor (2023)


ESD Suppressor (1)

ESD Suppressor (2)

(Video) How TVS Diodes work

It is low capacitance less than 0.3pF, therefore most suitable for ESD measures of the super-high-speed signal.

Good ESD withstand.(Contact/air Discharge 15kV)

Single type 0201,0402,0603 & Array type 0805 Line-up.


What is the ESD suppressor?

ESD Suppressor is ESD protection device using gap discharge.

  • ESD suppressor protects Electric devices from ESD by utilizing the ability to decrease its resistance value rapidly when high voltage is applied to ESD Suppressor.
  • ESD Suppressor contributes to ensure the signal quality of High-speed serial data line and high frequency circuit in normal use (not applied high voltage).
  • Functions of ESD Suppressor

    ・Passing normal signal through to the protected element
    ・Protecting the element by flowing ESD current to GND

    ESD Suppressor (3)

    (Video) ESD Protection Basics - TVS Diode Selection & Routing - Phil's Lab #75
  • V-I characteristics of ESD Suppressor

    When ESD suppressor is applied to high voltage,
    current flows with voltage drop.

    ESD Suppressor (4)


ESD Suppressor (5)


ESD Suppressor (6)

Example of ESD suppression effect

ESD test condition: IEC61000-4-2(150pF-330ohm), contact discharge 8kV

ESD Suppressor (7)

ESD Suppressor (8)


Transmission characteristics ( USB3.0 Mask test )

ESD suppressor does not degrade Insertion loss of High-frequency circuit due to extremely low capacitance (below 0.05pF(0603,1005 size))

■single common mode noise filter

RX Eye

ESD Suppressor (9)

■single ESD Suppressor and single Common mode noise filter

ESD Suppressor (10)

■Common mode noise filters with ESD Suppressor (one chip)

ESD Suppressor (11)

(Video) Basics of ESD and TVS protection

Insertion loss ( S21 )

ESD suppressor does not affect signal quality of High-speed data line due to extremely low capacitance (below 0.05pF(0603,1005 size))

ESD Suppressor (12)

(Video) PolySurg Automotive ESD Suppressors

Unique technology realizing industry top level of ESD suppression characteristics

ESD Suppressor (13)

①Gap electrode

narrower gap (about 6micron) than competitor by uniquely developed process technology contributes
・Lower Peak voltage
・Working at lower voltage

②ESD suppression material

uniquely developed material (conductive particle- resin composite) contributes
・Lower Peak voltage
・Working at lower voltage
・Secure high insulation reliability after ESD discharging

ESD Suppressor (14)


①High-speed serial data line

ESD Suppressor (15)

②RF circuit (Antenna circuit)

ESD Suppressor (16)

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