2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (2023)

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Have you played baseball in the 1980s and 1990s? If so, you might be nostalgic about the new 2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball bat.

As baseball is the pastime of the USA, and we love things related to baseball, it is expected that the 2023 black magic BBCOR and USSSA will knack us.

By the way, As a baseball enthusiast and former baseball player, I have already managed 2023 black magic. My team and I have been using the bat for test purposes for the last few days.

As a consequence, we have found a lot of things about the bat and going to review it thoroughly today.

So, no more ado. Let’s explore the new classical black magic from top to bottom.


Features of Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat

First, let’s talk about the basics. Knowing all basic features will help you understand the bat’s aspects easily.

Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat
MaterialR5 Alloy
GripFlow Tack Grip
KnobSoft Knob
SeriesEaston Black Magic
CertificationsBBCOR, USSSA
Barrel Diameter2 ⅝”/ 2 ¾”
Drop Weight-3/ -5, -8, -10
Exit Velocity CertificationBPF 0.50/ 1.15
Swing WeightBalanced
Warranty1 Year Official warranty

Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat: Overview/Renovation of Modern Bat Science

2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (1)

Here is the glance of the Easton bat, which is the ultimate combination of class and performance.

The new 2023 Black Magic is an all alloy bat made of Easton’s remixed R5 alloy. Aside from this, the bat is a one-piece construction which makes the bat stiffer and a lot more powerful alloy bat.

We have found great performance from the bat tested in my coaching facility. The build quality seems very good, ad the grip is fine. Found a bigger sweet spot, and the ping sound is happy-hearing for ears.

It comes basically from its predecessor in the 1990s. I have searched for its big brother of Black Magic 1990s and found the following video on the internet.

Introducing the modern-classical Easton Black Magic in the following video.

Have you got a general idea of the bat? Let’s conduct an exhaustive investigation of the hitting tandem in light of the test that we have been doing over the last several days.

I really hope that using this bat will bring back some fond memories for those of you who were playing in the 1990s. Or, even if you haven’t seen the classic version of Black Magic, you are certain to have an experience that is reminiscent of the past.

Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat Review: A Seriously Powerful Alloy Bat

Look and Design

2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (2)

Let’s first talk about the design and look of the bat. The new 2023 black magic implemented the design with a combination of black and golden colors. The name black magic will show you the certainty of the bat.

Just like its name, the black color is royal, and the golden portion of the “EASTON” branding is dope. As I have seen the bat with care, the black magic BBCOR baseball bat highly concentrated its design factor deeply.

The bat implemented a serious design factor which will surely attract the aesthetics. Compared to its predecessor, it’s a very nicely designed bat that looks royal.

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I would say the bat didn’t implement any traditional design. Rather combine an old-school classical look with modern bat science into this iconic series of Easton Baseball Equipment Manufacturers.

Actually, you will not feel the real look of the bat from this written piece or even from an image. Holding the bat makes you feel the bat sophisticatedly.


2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (3)

The construction department is the most crucial part of a baseball bat. To get a smoother feel along with great performance, there is no alternative to the great making of the bat.

The Easton Black Magic bat is a one-piece alloy constructed bat with a ringless flywall design. Easton’s iconic R5 alloy is used to construct the bat. High-performing alloy ensures the highest level of durability and silky smooth feel.

The high-performing material of the remixed black magic is so stiffer but comfortable to hit. Elite hitters will get the feeling of enthusiasm when they grasp the handle and hit the ball.

On the other hand, the R5 alloy is a significantly lightweight high, performing alloy that ensures a high barrel response.

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Barrel Features

2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (4)

The ringless barrel design utilizes different layers of alloy to ensure no dead spot on the barrel. As a result, the even bigger sweet spot of the bat will undoubtedly amaze you.

And if you compare it with the Easton classic one, you will see a classic reimagined design on it.

The flywall barrel design delivers the utmost power from this powerful alloy bat. So, the Easton black magic baseball bat gives more leverage if you are looking for a great barrel performance from alloy material.

Key Factors of the Barrel

  • High barrel response
  • Bigger sweet spot
  • Maximize pop
  • Evenly distributed weight

Handle and Soft Knob

2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (5)

Being the one-piece alloy bat, the handle is also made of the r5 alloy. The one-piece connection is aerodynamic, which reduces the bat’s sting and enhances the stiffness.

The Power boosts soft knob technology is attached to this bat. As a result, the vibration control ability of the bat is dramatically increased. Reducing vibration along with more stiffness allows your hands to transfer quick power to the barrel. And in this process, there is no interaction, and a power fall happens.

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Flow Tack Grip

2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (6)

When it comes to the grip of the bat, we have felt an ultimate combination of cushion-building confidence to grasp the bat confidently. The Flow tack grip is Easton’s most premium grip that brings more power boost.

The combination of the flow tack grip with the lightweight, high-performing material brings such a powerful impact. The grip, handle design, and soft knob result in a seriously powerful alloy bat which is the best in the modern bat of Easton.

Also, the combination ensures super less vibration and sting, which will give you a smoother feel and confidence to hit the ball.

However, you won’t be bothered with the durability of the grip as well. It will last longer days without any hassle.

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The sound of Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat

Metal bats is one of the essential aspects to me. Especially, I love alloy bats over composite bats because of their ping sound.

The sound makes the game and hitting thrilling to me in most cases, as well as the performance of the bat.

By the way, how does the sound feels good to me? The ping sound creates ear-hearing happiness that pushes me to hit the next ball in a more rhythmic way.

The sound quality of the bats also differs from other bats in terms of performance and build quality. Trust me, the more flawless the sound quality, the more the bat performs in its class.

To be honest, for the contact “ping” sound, the bat will be on the top list of many professional players.

By the way, you can feel the sound of the Black Magic in the following video. Also, there is a comparison test with its predecessor in the 1990s.

Sorry for the inconvenience that we don’t have its predecessor to compare with. But, you will find the result of which one has done better between the two in the following video.

The Breaking-in

Here is another important aspect of the bat. Does the bat need breaking in, or is it a hot out of the wrapper?

As an alloy bat, Easton Balck Magic does not need any breaking-in period. Rather it’s hot out of the wrapper.

So, the bat is game ready out of the box. You can use it in-game immediately after unboxing it.


2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (7)

So, here is the performance that comes, the most desirable aspect of a baseball bat. The build quality of the bat is so stiff. As a one-piece construction, there is no noticeable flex.

As the barrel features a ringless flywall ringless barrel design that utilizes different layers of alloy, no dead spot is on the bat. As a direct consequence, Easton could masterly enlarge the sweet spot.

As a result, the bat creat unmatched power with both BBCOR and USSSA versions (I will talk about both the BBCOR version and USSSA in the later section).

The hit is perfect, and it pushes the ball to the maximum distance. The power transformation from hand to handle and handle to the barrel is amazing. There are almost no vibrations and stings.

The pop of the bat is so fast, and so is the exit velocity of the bat. We haven’t found any lacking in the bat with its exit velocity and trampoline effect.

The bat implemented the maximum trampoline effect by fulfilling the BBBCOR and USSSA baseball bat rules.

The balanced swing weight allows more control over the bat, which most baseball hitters will love. The weight is well distributed, and no extra weight across the bat in any particular part.

And yes, you might already get the point the bat outperforms its big brother, the 1992 version in the previous video.


Okay, so you may wonder why I haven’t talked about the certification till now. It’s simple; the making and materials are all the same for both versions. So, there are not that many differences between the both.

By the way, the only differences are here because of the rules of BBCOR and USSSA baseball bat. So, let’s talk about the different certification approval of the bat.

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BBCOR Baseball Bat

2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (8)

We have checked both the BBCOR and USSSA versions of the Easton Black Magic 2023. So, the two have differences in making.

The BBCOR baseball bat is made under the BBCOR rules where the barrel diameter must not exceed the size of 2 5/8″. On the other hand, the trampoline effect is under control to keep the exit velocity as low as 0.50 BPF. The exit velocity of the BBCOR is limited due to keeping the baseball fielders and pitchers safe.

The drop weight of the Easton Black Magic BBCOR is -3. That means the differences between the length of the bat and the weight must be 3,

For example, if the bat length is 32″, the bat weight must be 29 ounces.

By the way, the available sizes of the Easton Black Magic BBCOR is from 30″ to 34″. The high school level baseball and above must use the BBCOR-certified bats.

Check the Price of Easton Black Magic BBCOR

USSSA Baseball Bat

2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (9)

The Easton Black Magic also has the USSSA version, which is used in the senior league under the age of 14. Basically, the trampoline effect of the USSSA baseball bat is much more than a BBCOR bat.

It is because youngsters are not that much strong as adults. So, they need more leverage to hit the ball. Basically, the USSSA baseball bat has more trampoline effect, which allows more exit velocity of the bat.

The limit of the bat performance factor (BPF) of the USSSA bat is 1.15, which is much more than the BBCOR ones.

The barrel diameter of the USSSA bat is 2 3/4″, and the drop weights are -5, -8, and -10. The Easton Black Magic is available in all sizes with all drop weights.

2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (10)2023 Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat| A Classical Comeback (11)

To understand the differences between BBCOR and USSSA bats thoroughly, you may check out our comprehensive guide on "BBCOR Vs USSSA Bats| Which One Is Ideal For You [Coach’s Opinion]"


If the talk is about the pricing, the price range of the Easton Black Magic is about $280 to $350. The price varies based on the leagues.

Easton bat imposes great pricing regarding the making, design and look, and performance of the bat. Along with this pricing, you will get a full 1-year warranty.

What I Like Most About the Bat

Now, let me express my personal opinion on the Easton Black Magic baseball bat. There are several things that insist me to love this bat.

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Within its category, you cannot deny its

  • Great construction with high-quality materials.
  • The ringless barrel design is such a gem that ensures no dead spot and create an even bigger sweet spot.
  • The power boost soft knob technology ensures the prevention of vibration and sting.
  • The main theme of the bat is its Easton classic reimagined design. You will feel the classical vibe of modern bat science in this iconic series.
  • The R5 is a lightweight high performing alloy and highly durable.
  • The most aesthetic facts about the bat are its color and sound. These two mesmerized me.

Things Could be More Improved

Every manufactured thing has its drawback. Though the bat is highly durable, I have found a single report that the bat has broken after 3 weeks of purchase.

So, I think that particular unit might have any flaws. But overall, from our testing, we haven’t found any major issue till now. We will update this post in the near future if we find any flaws in the bat.

Should You Purchase Easton Black Magic Baseball Bat?

So, what should be your final decision about the Easton Black Magic baseball bat? Should you purchase it, or not?

Okay, the design factor should be the personal choice of individuals. You might love the design pattern with color, or not. In case you don’t love the color combination and vibe, you can skip purchasing it.

But, if the color combination is the only issue for you, or if you don’t have any issue with the color, this bat has the capability to be among the top of your choice list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Easton a good brand?

Easton is one of the premium baseball bat manufacturers in America. A few years ago, Rawling Sports Goods Company, one of the oldest baseball equipment manufacturers in the USA, purchased Easton.

So, if you want premium baseball bats, you can rely on Easton.

When did the Easton Black Magic come out?

Easton Black Magic is released on June 9, 2022. Both BBCOR and USSSA are released in different sizes and weights.

What Are the alternatives to Easton 2023 Black Magic?

There are several options you can choose that could be compared and classified as the same category of 2023 Black Magic. Some of the bats are,

Wrap Up

Easton Black Magic baseball bat comes with its retro remixed classical design to make people of the 1990s nostalgic. By the way, aside from the nostalgia, this bat did just great with its design, construction, and performance.

As a result, the classical vibe in modern bat science is not the only aspect of this new bat. If you thrive on performance with look and design, you may keep the 2023 Black Magic on your list.

You will get a smooth feel at contact.

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